The Superpower of Influencer Marketing

Monday November 5, 2018

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing covers the digital space between an official testimonial for your product from a high-profile person or organisation, through to the subtlest mention or merely the presence of your brand on a third-party’s social media feed.

Advertising has become a subtle art. Those blazing, in-your-face television commercials and billboards, whilst still effective, can now so easily blend into the background. These blanket forms of marketing are also less efficient, as there are very few ways that you can target the exact types of people who might find your products of interest.

Consumers log on to social media actively looking for content which is relevant to them. They subscribe to the influencers who have something to say to them, personally, and therefore are much more likely to be receptive to relevant brands should they appear in their feeds.

"Find the right influencer and you’ll have a ready-made pool of target consumers waiting to be tapped"

Choose your influencers wisely

Choosing influencers carefully is of course where the real skill lies. Find the right influencer and you’ll have a ready-made pool of target consumers waiting to be tapped. Instead of having to grow your own circle of engagement, you will be able to make use of a pre-existing, organically grown audience of consumers who will find your products relevant to their interests.

If you are a sports brand looking to target potential customers for running gear, using Olympic champions or other elite sportspeople as influencers will give your brand exposure to an already-established consumer-base of sports enthusiasts. The same goes for every other industry. Think of the sorts of social media accounts which hold the most influence over your target customer and this should give you a good idea of the sorts of third parties you should be partnering with.

It works for both the influencers and the brands they are influencing to be subtle about working their promotion of a product into their content. Stars of YouTube, Twitter and Instagram are always worried about losing subscribers and followers, who easily lose interest if all they start seeing is a stream of shameless brand promotion in their news feed. Weaving brands seamlessly into their content, by making reference in passing to further a different message, authenticates the connection with the influencer. It is less blatant, less obtrusive, and more likely to be effective for many products and services.

Access to A-list celebrities to endorse commercial products is of course not a possibility for small-to-medium firms looking for exposure. The top influencers in the market demand high price tags for their partnership, but this does not mean that influencer marketing is of no use to smaller companies. Micro influencers – those less high-profile figures who still command a great deal of influence over a very small niche of people – can be a great way for smaller businesses to tap into seriously targeted marketing.

Influencer marketing is just one of the tools which Socially Grown can build into your personalised inbound marketing strategy. If you are keen to get influencers on board and start to really see what this type of marketing can do for your business, get in touch with us today.

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