The value of good copy in an increasingly digital age

Thursday November 8, 2018

In this increasingly digital age, it is important to never forget the importance that copy plays in helping you to market your company. Sure, multimedia is important, and video is becoming an ever more popular tool for marketing across numerous channels. However, this does not mean that the days of skilled and talented copywriters are coming to an end. Instead, the value they bring to your company is almost impossible to place a value on.

The importance of good copy

If you’re looking to place an exact value on good copy, you first need to understand why it is so crucial. Therefore, it is good to look at the specific benefits that good copy can bring to your brand. Here are the top 4 reasons we have discovered over the years.

1. It bridges the gap between you and your audience

When somebody reads something relating to your brand, you only have a set period of time with which to convince them of the need to buy from you. This is where good copy really comes into its own. It has the ability to immediately translate the desired message and to hook the reader.

Essentially bridging the gap between them and your brand. Especially if what you are selling is something that is rather technical or complex. It is the copywriter’s job to translate only what is necessary and to ensure that the reader learns everything they need to there and then.

2. It holds everything together

You’ve likely heard the old adage “a picture paints a thousand words” repeated time and time again throughout your life. And yes, it’s true. Imagery and video content are also incredibly important in helping to market your brand and make you stand out.

However, it is good old fashioned written copy that holds everything together. Imagery is not enough on its own. Instead, it is something that supports the argument and messages laid out on your site. Great copy is used in such a way as to bring your entire marketing message together.

3. It can draw in customers through Google

Nowadays, if you wish to succeed online, you need to be using every marketing channel at your disposal. And writing SEO-friendly copy is one crucial way in which you can still get ahead, as far too few companies are investing in the benefits of search engine marketing.

Largely because writing well-optimised copy that search engines love is a tricky task all on its own. But there are plenty of companies that use only SEO marketing and have zero advertising spend elsewhere. Instead, they generate hundreds or thousands of free, well-targeted visitors a day to their brand.

4. It helps build long-term customers

Truly good copy should hook the reader and get them invested in your brand. They will understand not only “what” you sell, but also “why” you sell it. In turn, they become interested in, not only buying one from you once, but time and time again.

That is the power of good copy. To sell people, not just your products, but also you, your team and the brand behind the product. Great copy will also keep them hooked as they read more and more of your marketing material over time prior to making each new purchase.

"Truly good copy should hook the reader and get them invested in your brand"

What does great copy look like?

To ascertain full value from your copy, you need to ensure it meets all of the following criteria:

  • It is quick and easy to understand – Great copy should flow naturally and be easy to read. Stilted sentences and mixed messages can be very hard to follow and will cause the reader to lose interest.
  • It tells a story – Great copy should take the reader on a journey. It should flow like a story which captivates the audience and leaves behind a solid message at the end.
  • It personifies your brand – Great copy should be in keeping with the rest of your brand. It should convey similar emotions and be written consistently across all platforms.
  • It has a voice – Great copy should read as if someone is actually there saying the words out loud. When you read great copy, you can literally picture the writer who is saying those words.
  • It serves a purpose – Great copy always has an end-goal in mind. Whether it is to convert a customer or to add value to somebody. And a great copywriter will be able to identify that end goal and weave a narrative around it regardless.
  • It is SEO-friendly – In this increasingly digital age where all businesses are online, SEO is more important than ever. Great copy should be written in such a way that it can perform well in Google and other search engines and draw people to your company.
  • It appeals to your target market – Structure is incredibly important when it comes to reaching your target audience. A great copywriter can alter the structure and flow of text in order to make everything more easy to understand and to digest based on the person reading it.

For example, somebody purchasing a new computer would want you to delve deeply into the finer points regarding the machines technical specifications and capabilities and would expect longer prose. Whereas someone purchasing a new toaster would need something far less complex, but which highlighted the crucial few selling points about each different machine.

How do you generate high quality copy?

With so much value being placed on great copy, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the need to develop all of it in-house. Of course, if your company is big enough and you produce all kinds of marketing material, then this could be the best course of action. A talented team of copywriters could then familiarise themselves with your brand and write for you across all platforms.

However, if you are a smaller company without the budget for such ongoing expenses, then outsourcing your copywriting needs is likely the best course of action. Here at Socially Grown, we do exactly that, for companies of all shapes and size across the UK. Our handpicked copywriting team has the ability to write great quality copy for all marketing purposes.

This includes all old-fashioned print marketing material, such as brochures and leaflets. As well as all digital copy, such as eCommerce product descriptions, website landing pages and SEO-friendly blog posts. We are always looking for new companies to help support and grow and would love the chance to hear from you and to bring the true value of good copy to your brand.

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