The video revolution: using video to market your brand in 2018 and beyond

Thursday November 8, 2018

In recent years, video has become far and away one of the best marketing tools any company has at their disposal. This is largely because watching high-quality video content is increasingly easy, as consumer electronics have become more and more advanced. Here we take a look at modern videography and how you can use it to start rapidly growing your brand today.

Firstly, here are some statistics:

More than half a billion people tune in to watch video content through Facebook every single day.
Just over 50% of marketing professionals claim that video content leads to the biggest ROI.
Compared to both text and images combined, videos are 12 times more likely to be shared.
After watching a branded video on social media, 64% of consumers would then make a purchase.
Every single day, more than 500 million hours of video gets watched on YouTube.

So, what benefits can video offer your company?

If you want to know exactly what videography could do for your brand, then look no further. Here is a clear, no-nonsense list of the top benefits you can expect to achieve by bringing video into your marketing plan.

It can improve conversion rates

Videos are a great way to help showcase your products and then increase the rate at which you convert potential customers – especially on product sales pages, which would otherwise be filled with large amounts of text.

It can help with customer retention

By regularly sharing new videos with your existing customers, you can help to keep them interested in you and your brand. In turn, they are more likely to become long-term repeat customers.

It allows you to engage with your audience

Videos can be shared across all social media platforms and are a great way to initiate discussions. You can then engage directly with your audience in a meaningful way in the comments sections.

It will let you get ahead on Google

Hopefully, you already understand the incredible benefits of search engine marketing. Well, video content ranks increasingly highly in Google, allowing you to bring in endless amounts of free web traffic each and every day if targeted properly.

It can help you go viral

Videos are highly shareable. And when a video goes viral on social media, your brand visibility will go through the roof.

"Videos have a compelling way of encouraging engagement and are without doubt one of the best tactics to bring more exposure to your brand."

What sort of video content should you be producing?

The great thing about video is that there’s no one specific route to using it successfully in your marketing agenda. Instead, there are multiple different ways in which you can create unique content and then share it with your audience. But first off, here are six of the best types of video content you should get to work producing.

1. Product demos

To help explain the complexities of your products, you can instead create explainer videos and demos that show you using your products and accessing their benefits. Animated content often works well for product demos, but can be more expensive to create.

2. Interviews

It is good to share video content that adds value to your audience by offering deeper insight into your industry. Well, interviewing high profile individuals is the perfect way to do this, and allows you to showcase your brand as a leader in its field.

3. Educational material

As well as this, you can produce additional material that adds value. For example, a company selling cars might offer educational videos that show users how to extend the life of their vehicle.

4. News updates

When important industry news occurs, you can create video content to share it. This will help you to appear as more of an authoritative figure within your niche who is on top of current affairs.

5. Customer testimonials

In order to help encourage customers to contact your company, you can create testimonial videos from existing customers. Ideally, you want to show customers using your product and then explaining how they have helped them in their daily lives.

6. Live videos

Live videos are one of the newest video trends, allowing you to stream live content directly to your audience from anywhere in the world. It is best used on a platform such as Facebook, where you can then engage with and answer questions from those following you who are interested in your company and your industry.

How to make the most of your video content

Once you’re done creating all of your new videos, it’s time to get them in front of the people that matter most: your target audience. But how do you do just that? Well, here are four avenues that you can start using immediately.

Create a YouTube channel.

The great thing about YouTube is that it’s a wonderful platform which allows you to share its content elsewhere, whilst simultaneously bringing in new viewers directly from the platform. Successful YouTube stars bring in millions of views a day to their videos by creating content that ranks highly and performs well in search results.

Share across social media.

Sharing your videos on social media is highly effective as it allows you to interact with potential customers in a very sociable environment. In order to generate even more views, you could boost your videos through advertising spending.

Use them to enhance your website design.

If used tastefully and strategically, videos have the excellent ability to help guide customers who are browsing through your site.

Include them in email blasts sent to existing and prospective customers.

If you have a large email list already, then feel free to send out weekly blasts that contain any new videos you have created. This is an easy, sure-fire way to build some initial views.

Access the benefits of video marketing, today!

With so much to take in, the world of video marketing can seem a little overwhelming. Deciding which types of videos to produce and how to go about gathering content can be a daunting task, and one that you simply don’t have time to learn about. Well, don’t worry: help is out there. In fact, that’s where Socially Grown comes in.

We help businesses all across the UK to improve their marketing efforts by accessing the true power of video creation. We understand the ins and outs of not only producing great videos, but also of ensuring they go viral and lead to a real ROI for our clients.

Click here to discuss your videography requirements

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