Which marketing services should you outsource and why?

Sarah Matarazzo
Sunday July 14, 2019

Outsourcing marketing activities has grown dramatically in the last decade. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 42% of UK businesses now outsource their content marketing.

Outsourcing such activities is no longer solely for the large corporate “big fish” – businesses of all shapes and sizes are benefiting hugely from investing in skilled professionals to successfully market their business and drive sales.

The fact is that you are an expert in the products and services you offer, and whilst you are an expert in delivering your services or producing your end product, an experienced marketing agency excels at marketing your services and products to your target market.

What should you outsource?

Search Engine Optimisation

To successfully nail SEO it takes time, practise and plenty of skill. “Playing” with it will never achieve consistent, long-term results and unless you have many a spare hour to commit then learning the ropes is not an easy game. Partnering with an agency that has a DEMONSTRATED record of successful search engine optimisation and who regularly stays up to date with changes is your best choice for effective results. Bear in mind that Google and other search engines don’t update their algorithms every few months, they are updating them EVERY DAY. By partnering with a marketing agency to manage your SEO, you are ensuring that your business is visible and regularly updated to remain visible.

Design & Development

Ever tried to self-build your own website? If so then you’ll understand that self-built sites can be great for start-up businesses (hey, we’ve done it ourselves!) however, a well-designed and well-structured site is invaluable to serious businesses wanting serious results. By working with an experienced website design company, you can be certain that the end result will be a professional website that resonates with your target market and positions your company in the best possible light. The same applies to brochures, landing pages, direct mailers – leave it with the professionals and you’ll show your target market that you mean business, you look the part and can successfully deliver. For a small investment, your ROI can prosper.

"Outsourced marketing costs less, provides fresh insight and is less time consuming."


One of the most underrated elements of marketing and yet one of the most IMPORTANT elements. As a business owner or marketing manager it is so easy to assume that because you know your products and services so well then you are best placed to write about them. Right? Wrong!  Although there is no questions that your team has the subject matter expertise, however how it is presented to your target audience is the difference between average copy and compelling copy that converts. Working with an agency allows you to access experienced copywriters who will give your business a tone of voice, personality and craft copy that connects.

Content Creation

Content isn’t about throwing out a few tweets or taking some photos for Instagram and facebook. Successful content curation requires strategy, in-depth understanding of your target audience and a well-crafted 6 to 12 month strategy that outlines high value content, specifically arranged around each of your buyer personas.

Content creation isn’t all about social media – it is also about blog writing, direct mailers, advertising and PR, customer engagement, videography, landing pages, promotions, news and more. Leaving this in the hands of an agency will allow you to service the sales, whilst the agency is driving the sales to you!

Working with the right marketing agency is a true partnership. Once you find your perfect partner they will become an extension to your team and work alongside your business to develop and implement successful marketing strategies.

Socially Grown differ from our competitors in that rather than outsourcing the elements we don’t do, we employ a team of specialists with all of the skills and services you would need within your business to constitute a full marketing department.

Interested in finding out whether Socially Grown is your perfect partner? Contact us today.




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