5 Key Benefits of Landing Pages

Sarah Matarazzo
Thursday September 26, 2019

What is a landing page?

A web page and landing page can often be confused and seem alike, however in reality, the two are quite different. Web pages make up the structure of your website and consist of pages like your home page, about us, product/ service details etc. Landing pages are solely created to drive traffic and leads to your business. Their one agenda is to make visitors click the call-to-action button.

Key functions of a landing page

Attract visitors

Data capture

Convert visitor to lead

1.) The sales person that never sleeps

Landing pages can be used to collect personal information from potential leads in exchange for anything from ebooks, case studies, blog subscriptions, webinars, competition entries, free trials or notifications of future product launches, to name just a few. With endless creative possibilities at your fingertips, it is easy to create one perfectly suited to your agenda, working for you 24 hours a day.

2.) Warming up your leads

A softer approach to lead generation, landing pages can be used as a tool to warm up visitors to your product/ service before asking them to purchase from you. A click-through landing page can boost your chance of conversion by providing all relevant details and engaging with them prior to them moving into your sales funnel. When directing visitors immediately into e-commerce or parting with personal details, they may not have the confidence or necessary information needed to commit to a purchase or a subscription. Therefore, a well-designed landing page, provides a go-between, giving all required information prior to commitment. This can help with improving conversions.

3.) Be creative

A good landing page has no global navigation tying it to your primary website. It should only be accessible from the link you provide in your marketing content. With limited options available to visitors, they are more likely to be directed to your intended conversion goal. While your website is designed to encourage exploration and express your brand and corporate values, a landing page should be promotion-specific and dedicated to a single marketing campaign.

"Companies see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15, according to HubSpot."

4.) Grow your keyword rankings

Creating landing pages and optimising them for your keyword targets will see your keyword rankings rise. It’s a simple formula that shows Google you have new content around a topic.

Landing pages targeted to a keyword are often called SEO pages or “search engine optimisation” pages — and they do just that.

These pages can have plenty of content on a topic and can also serve as a central linking hub for all pages related to that key term. In other words, you can link multiple blog posts to one central landing page around the same topic — this helps create a lead generation funnel out of your blog. This linking structure will also tell Google that you are authoritative and deserve a higher search rank, which means more visibility and leads!

5.) Different Versions for Different Ads

Unlike blog posts, which are written with a specific audience in mind), but then shared everywhere and available for anyone to read, landing pages can be quite targeted.

Thanks to the detailed filtering we can do when creating paid ads, we can be very specific in who we’re targeting and just as specific in how we talk to them in the ad and on the corresponding landing page. If you have a detailed content marketing strategy in place, and have defined your buyer personas, then each landing page can be aimed specifically at each persona. The result will be much higher conversion rates for each page.

Interested in creating your own customer-focused landing pages? Then get in touch to see how we can grow your leads.

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