Content marketing and the secret to repurposing

Sarah Matarazzo
Saturday November 9, 2019

If the thought of creating a never-ending supply of high-quality content is enough to put you off the idea of content marketing, take a moment to sit down and really think about how we consume information these days. Repurposing your content is a great way to take an already successful piece of work and make the most out of it.

Repurposing your best content

Sure we have print, a multitude of media formats on the internet, social media, podcasts, radio, and television; but how likely is it that you would use all of those formats to consume the same piece of content? Not very, but that doesn’t mean that thousands of others aren’t doing just that.

The guy on your left might like visual content, the girl on your right might prefer listening to audio; we all consume content in different ways, and turning your best work into different forms can help it reach a much wider audience.

You could have a real stand out blog post that is getting lots of traffic and converting plenty of leads, but there’s almost certainly another audience out there for it if you deliver it in the format that audience prefers to use. You already know it works, so start with your best content and consider ways to repurpose it.

"91% of B2B brands use content marketing"

Visual content

YouTube is actually the second biggest search engine after Google, so having your content repurposed into a video is a superb way to reach an entirely new audience with a tried and trusted piece of your best work. A presentation, an animation, or just a series of slides can easily be built on an article.

We already mentioned slides, so why not upload them to somewhere like Slideshare? What about an infographic? An Instagram story? If you’re able to convert some of your ideas and highlights into an image, there are hundreds of potential outlets for these.

Audio content

Podcasts are a great medium for busy people. It’s not as easy to read an article when you’re commuting, going for a run, or eating your lunch; but a smartphone and a pair of headphones allows access to an audio version of your content in even the most unlikely location.

Whether it’s simply an audio version of the original text or a full-on debate of industry experts in the latest edition of your podcast, repurposing into audio is a worthwhile consideration.

Check out our previous blog on podcasting do’s and don’ts to find out how you can achieve best results as part of your content marketing plan.

If you need a little help building a content marketing and repurposing strategy, that maintains your brand voice and helps you reach new audiences, talk to us to see how we can help you make the most of your best content.

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