Social media do’s and don’ts

Sarah Matarazzo
Sunday November 17, 2019

One of the newer forms of marketing on the current landscape is the use of social media. Social media has a lot of benefits but only if it is used correctly – so here is our list of things you should do when posting on various platforms, and some things you definitely should not do!

Do: Offer realism

A lot of the time when people stumble across your brand on social media, all you will be to them is a logo and a digital offering, so let those followers and viewers know who is behind the screen. People are likely to relate to staff members, mascots and management.

Offer up content of people getting on with their jobs behind the scenes, or photographs and snippets of events that you have run and really engage and showcase what you have.

Do: Be realistic

Social media is great but it will not generate sales on its own. What it can do is increase the awareness of your brand, and allow your company to be visible to a wider range of people. The many other digital platforms you should have will deliver the goods when it comes to sales, but the more people know about your brand or your product the more potential customers you have. Use social media for this purpose.

Do: Advertise correctly

On social media, you can target the very group of people you are looking to attract with strategically delivered advertising campaigns. Focus more of your attention on this in order to get better results. It’s a waste of time and resources to try and appeal to customers outside of your target audience, so hone in on who you want to reel in before you begin.

"There are over 45 million social media users in the UK alone."

Do: Use Videography to engage

It’s proven that users engage better with video posts than static photographs so be sure to include videography in your social media posts. Whether you are showcasing a new product, introducing a new team member or giving a behind the scenes tour of your premises, allow users to get to know you better, they’ll be more likely to buy.

Don’t: Engage with haters

Unfortunately, the downside to the social media world is there are few blocks for haters to make themselves known. Do not under any circumstance engage with these trolls. You will never win and the time you consume doing it could be minutes and hours better spent elsewhere.

Don’t: Post without proofreading

People expect perfection on social media, and you can bet even the simplest mistake will be pounced upon making your brand look cheap and tacky. This is not the look you want, so take a minute to read what you have typed, and ensure there are no errors in the content you are about to post.

Don’t: Ignore interaction

A common frustration of those who use social media is when they ask a question or make a comment and it gets ignored. Don’t be that company. Treat your followers like you would your customers and offer them a reasoned and balanced answer to any query, or acknowledge you have taken note of their message. It may not sound much but it can go a long way.

Social media forms part of any content marketing strategy, so if you’d like help with where to begin get in touch today.

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