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Sarah Matarazzo
Sunday November 24, 2019

Blogging is vital for businesses who want to reach the top of rankings for a multitude of keywords related to their niche. What most business leaders and marketing managers don’t know is how to utilise blogging to maximise results.

That is where studies over the past few years can help dictate strategies. So, here are some of the important elements that must be implemented within your blogging campaigns for success.

1. Frequency

The first and most important aspect to think about is the frequency of the blog posts. HubSpot reported in 2014 that businesses that published more than 15 posts per month got 70% more leads than those that weren’t publishing anything.

The HubSpot report also stated that those publishing one per week also saw a small increase. In 2019, this figure was 350% more traffic for those publishing 15 or more per month compared to those publishing just once a week.

Since then, other reports have been done. In 2019, there was a survey completed that found that publishing every day created more results. In fact, if businesses can create more than one post per day, their traffic was far better.

This seems to correspond with the earlier HubSpot report. So the more content marketing you can do, the better your brand will be represented online.

2. Length

Another important factor is the length of content. This is where there are differing opinions. Some sites find that content that is less than 400 words gets ranked higher, but others find that the longer the content, the higher the ranking.

Generally speaking, longer content is going to be more effective for ranking. It allows you to use more keywords within the content and to spread them out more without compromising on keyword density. However, there might be a small dip in conversions if the audience becomes bored having to read too long an article.

One article found that the length of content should be around 2,500; another has that figure about 1,500. So something between these two figures should be a good target ground.

3. Time spent on blogging

Another key factor is the amount of time that is spent on writing the content. The more time that you spend writing the content, the higher the quality of the article. Also, research has found that the more you practice a skill, the better you’re going to get at it. According to other survey results, spending about 2 to 3.5 hours on an article is going to offer better results.

In addition, you should be investing in proofreading and editing software. This can prevent you from making simple mistakes that can make you seem unprofessional.

As well as writing content, you need to look at how long you promote your blog. A simple post on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn is insufficient. You need to look at continuously promoting the content across several platforms. You should also think about promoting content via email subscriptions and other people interested in your brand.

"Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website."

4. Use of videos/audio/images

Rich media are important elements when it comes to the success of your content marketing campaigns. Videos can portray the message that you write in 2,500 words within five to ten minutes. It is more engaging with audiences and you can illustrate points more clearly.

If you don’t have video, you can use audio or images with just a slight decrease in effectiveness. Images should be used on all blogging campaigns because it is a way to add vital meta tags associated with your keywords for better ranking.

5. Internal and external linking

Another key aspect is to ensure that you’re linking to other content from within your blog post. This should be done with both internal and external content (where applicable) to ensure maximum impact.

The reason why this is important is that Google has confirmed that both internal and external links are important ranking factors. These might not have as much influence as inbound links, but every bit helps when it comes to ranking and a small increase in your Google search score can often result in a big jump in your rankings.

6. Call To Action’s

Never underestimate the importance of CTA’s throughout your website, particularly on your blog pages. You’ve captured the attention of your audience – now to convert them to leads.


Blogging is a vital part of your business operations. It allows you to market to a wide audience using a wide range of relevant keywords. But there are a few key components that make blogging a success. Follow the tips above to ensure that you’re not wasting an opportunity to find new revenue sources and customers.

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