5 biggest content marketing trends for 2020

Sarah Matarazzo
Wednesday December 18, 2019

As far as content marketing is concerned, content creation and distribution will continue to be dominant in 2020. Experts concur that this is the only type of marketing left because it’s useful and authentic, making it the perfect solution for the digital age.

Content is king – its effectiveness, tactics, tools and channels used by marketers will continue to evolve as time goes by.

So, what should digital marketers watch out for in the years to come? Read on to find out.

1. Live video

Any marketer that has paid attention already knows that video marketing is huge. Many brands feature live videos in their Snapchat posts, Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, etc. And this is for a good reason because millions of people worldwide are watching these videos, which is a trend that will continue in 2020. For example, Facebook discovered that its users watch live videos on their platform three times more than watching other traditional videos.

Since live video is in real-time, the audience feels it’s more authentic than edited and polished content marketing videos. The charm in live video is that it’s raw and offers two-way communication with a target audience. As a brand, you can present interviews, offer product demos, answer questions, etc.

2. Voice search

Many people are currently using voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, which is why brands must optimise for voice search to stay relevant. According to a recent survey, about 30% of online browsing will be done through voice search by 2020. Brands must ensure that voice assistants will refer to their content as much as possible for profitability. To achieve this, you must make your content conversational by including long-tail keywords and phrases describing your location.

Make sure you include important phrases in your title tags and anchor text, such as ‘near me’, so that potential clients can easily be directed to your website.

3. Interactive content marketing

Engagement is vital, and the easiest way to achieve it is by interacting with your clients. This way, they’ll stick around to provide their thoughts after you indulge them, instead of just skimming the pages and exiting in seconds. There are plenty of ways to make your content interactive, including creating live videos, polls, contests, games, surveys and quizzes.

Personalised content increases client spending by 500%, which is why it’s a popular trend at the moment. Interactive content will appeal to the audience and catapult your brand ahead of competitors.

"More than 55% of people enjoy getting an instant response from a chatbot"

4. Create different content for various platforms

Customise your content for different online communities. For example, social networks such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Facebook allow you to create groups for people with shared interests. These are great avenues for engaging with your customers to get reviews on products and feedback, or just make announcements regarding your brand.

So if you’re marketing a beauty product, for example, participate in as many beauty groups as you can on Quora, Reddit, Facebook, etc. Ensure your content adds value to the readers and does not sound too sales-oriented.

5. Immersive content

You need to go beyond reading and watching to succeed in content marketing in 2020. Incorporate advanced technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), through chatbots on your website. A 2018 report on chatbots revealed that more than 55% of people enjoy getting instant responses from chatbots, and 35% confirmed that they would like to see chatbots in more companies regularly.

In 2020, you must use chatbots in your sites to answer basic customer questions, and thus free up your time to concentrate on other aspects of your business. Chatbots can answer customer questions; provide details regarding payments/product delivery and record customer feedback.

In conclusion, embrace technology to ensure that your content marketing strategies are effective in 2020 and beyond. Create surveys, polls and fun games for your customers as a way of collecting vital data. Use the data to create content that your clients desire, instead of guessing and wasting time with irrelevant content. Live video and voice search provide effective ways of interacting with customers as you can get their feedback in real-time. Also, keep in mind that the content you create must be customised to fit into the targeted social media platform.

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