6 lead generation methods you might be missing out on

Sarah Matarazzo
Friday January 10, 2020

For businesses of all shapes and sizes, lead generation is the key to success. Without those sales, whether small or large, it can be a challenge to stay afloat in an increasingly competitive industry. But sticking to conventional lead generation methods like cold calling or generic advertising is no longer going to give you the edge in 2020. Instead, upping your game and improving your processes can provide your business with the key to making those sales and improving click-through to your platform.

Want to know what you can do to improve lead generation? These five methods might be exactly what you need:

1. Change your e-shot strategy

Email blasts, also known as e-shots, are a popular way to attract the attention of potential customers in countless industries. But if you want to stand out from your competition, it’s well worth taking a closer look at the strategies you’re using. Depending on your audience, the tone you want to use should differ to attract their attention. For a millennial or younger audience, the use of emojis would be recommended – while for an older or B2B audience, formal titles and previews would be more appropriate. Tailoring your e-shot strategy to what fits your audience can be invaluable and can lead to improved lead generation over time.

2. Look at past advertising to create targeted campaigns

When a campaign doesn’t quite work out or hasn’t hit the targets we set, it’s second nature to throw that advertisement aside in exchange for something completely different. But spending time analysing both successful and less successful campaigns can be incredibly valuable in improving lead generation, by examining precisely what works and what doesn’t for your business. Posting an ad at 2 am on Facebook, for example, wouldn’t be as successful as one posted at 4 pm if your audience is younger adults. Learn from your past work, and you’re far more likely to connect with those potential leads

3. Utilise referral bonuses

Referral bonuses do work – and plenty of online retailers have already cottoned on to the fact. Providing an opportunity for existing customers to save money, or receive a voucher, in exchange for bringing in new customers is a fantastic way to spread knowledge of your brand via word of mouth. Generally still considered the most reliable form of marketing by the public, tapping into this resource and rewarding your loyal customers can be a fantastic way to extend that web and increase your leads over time. Referral codes don’t have to cost a lot, especially when you consider the leads they can bring in.

"65% of businesses say generating traffic and leads is their biggest marketing challenge"

4. Consider redesigning your website to be more CTA-friendly

While your website may do all you want it to in terms of functionality, it’s not genuinely paying its way if it isn’t drawing in new customers too. A well-designed website will be apparent, to the point and filled with relevant and informative content. Combined with clear and easy-to-spot Calls to Action, or CTAs, the process of going from the first visit to final sale is far more streamlined. For many businesses with longer sales processes, leads will drop off along the way. Shorten that process, and you’re far more likely to be capturing a more significant percentage of those website visitors with a quick and convenient sales process.

5. Make use of your social media followers to improve awareness

Social media can be a fantastic tool for lead generation, primarily when you utilise those followers you’ve built up to connect with even more potential leads. An active Instagram or Facebook page that shares content from fans and customers can quickly build up a far wider net for leads. Utilise hashtags, connect with followers and make use of targeted advertising, and social media can be exactly what’s needed to boost those leads. Social media can be the cornerstone for a successful modern business, provided you use it in the right ways.

6. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing supports lead generation by bridging the gap between sales and marketing, delivering high-quality content that delights your prospects. Take a look at our Inbound Services page to find out more about how inbound marketing can drive leads and increase sales.

Download HubSpot’s free e-book “An Introduction to Lead Generation” where you’ll learn how to define and qualify a lead, the mechanics of lead generation, how to promote your lead generation campaign, resources to start your own campaign with examples from HubSpot.

Are you struggling to improve lead generation and web traffic for your business? A professional service might be exactly what you need to take your sales to the next level. At Socially Grown, our insight and expertise allow us to create strategies that truly work for businesses. To find out more, get in touch with us today.

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