The real benefits of blogging

Sarah Matarazzo
Friday January 17, 2020

There are a huge number of benefits to blogging for your business, and it’s fair to say that blogging is critical for your marketing strategy. However, you don’t want to run a bland, generic blog – these can be spotted a mile away, and do not affect your audience whatsoever.

You need to ensure that you are producing well-written and informative blogs which have been created with customer engagement, and your digital marketing strategy, in mind.

Ultimately, blogging helps to:

– Improve web traffic
– Convert and nurture customers
– Engage and retain customers
– Separate you from your competitors
– Increase interest and demand for your services or products

These kinds of benefits will be provided long after you publish your blog posts. We are going to outline five ways in which a blog can help your business.

1. Increasing traffic

First and foremost, a blog is there to encourage people to visit your website. This is especially true if you post good quality content frequently.

It is, of course, obvious to suggest that the more visitors to your website, the more likely you are to see an increase in customer queries, which could lead to potential new business.

An increase in web traffic is fantastic news for any kind of business, as long as these visitors to your website are more likely to purchase a service or product. You must post blogs that speak directly to your audience – so make sure your headlines plainly describe what the content is about.

2. New customers

You may think that you haven’t the time to post a blog, but this is a huge mistake to make. Look at it from the perspective of a customer, and think for a moment about how you choose to research online before purchasing a service or product. You will use search engines to find resources which will aid you in making a final decision. Finding engaging, informative blogs about the benefits of a product or service plays a factor in deciding where you make your purchase.

As such, including your blog content within your digital marketing strategy is worth it. A well-written and informative blog will give your customers the chance to decide when they’re ready to purchase. Producing blogs that use current SEO best practice will also ensure that your blog is a fantastic tool for generating leads.

Remember, a blog doesn’t have to just act as a call to action, but rather to inspire a customer into action.

"Over 3/4 of internet users say they read blogs regularly - hey, you are right now!"

3. Make your website the destination

One factor you need to think about when you make blogging part of your digital marketing strategy is ensuring that your blog can be read at leisure. Creating need-based blogs, such as blogs primarily linked to your business, and want-based blogs, blogs linked to your business but covering a broader subject, will give the reader an option.

Need-based blogs are there to provide answers about the solutions you offer, whereas want-based blogs are focused on stimulating demand for an area your readers may not have known they were interested in at first.

Creating engaging and interesting content will get people reading these for fun. This connection will help to maintain their loyalty with your brand.

4. Show and tell

Your blog will work as your portfolio. For any business, evidence of past successes is vital. It is important to be able to show potential customers what they can expect.

A blog that includes high-quality images of your work, or products, is a great resource that you can direct your potential customers to.

Once you have used your blog to catalogue the work that you have done, you have created a simple link you can use time and time again.

Video and podcasting are rapidly becoming popular methods of blogging. Not all users want to read 1200 words on a particular subject, however they will happily engage with video or podcast content. Consider this when organising your content schedule, what content could work well in a video or sound great over a podcast.

5. Results long after you post

While new content is important, you will find that older posts can still be just as relevant to your audience.

Older blog posts continue to rank over time and will consistently bring in a steady amount of web traffic. You can also update an older blog to serve your current goals and help to bring in further leads.

Blog effectively

Blogging is always effective, no matter what stage your customers are at in their purchasing journey. Writing and creating effective content will help you to maintain customer relationships and engage with new customers.

Don’t know where to begin? Get in touch to see how Socially Grown can help increase your visibility and engagement levels.

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