How guest blogging can add value to your inbound marketing strategy

Sarah Matarazzo
Tuesday February 4, 2020

Guest blogging is a popular addition to many content marketing strategies in order to generate new leads and boost your company’s credibility. So, what is guest blogging?

It is content written by someone within your company or an expert in your industry, that is then published on a third-party publication that is already being consumed by your target audience. These posts are less of the SEO-focused, short-form posts that many companies send out to a long list of blogs. They are instead, a longer, high-quality, informative and educational article that will be of use to many readers. The article should be professionally edited, not outwardly promotional, and calculatedly sent to merely one single outlet. A guest blog article will ideally demonstrate your company’s expertise, placing the writer as a knowledgeable expert and thought leader of the industry. As you reach out to your target audience with incredibly useful and valuable content, you naturally boost organic search and referred traffic for your business.

What does guest blogging add to your inbound marketing strategy?

The ultimate purpose of guest blogging is to allow you to reach new audience members in such a way that they will see your brand and want to learn more. Not only should the articles be written just with new audience members in mind, but they should also be in sync with the aims of the rest of your content marketing strategy – including continuous engagement and on-site leadership, as you continue to build credibility and trust.

Guest blogging can serve a real and considerable purpose within your strategy. As prospective customers hear about your company through valuable information on other media outlets that they already deem to be credible, brand awareness is boosted significantly. When the content is written in such a way that it is genuinely informative and enjoyable, the audience will appreciate the content, appreciate the writer as an industry thought-leader belonging to your company, and be more likely to click through to your company’s own blog.

Submitting the article to a trustworthy and well-established website, blog or publication that your target audience already reads and trusts, will help your company in turn gain trust and credibility. Once your guest blog has been published on a popular outlet, you can add an ‘as seen on…’ badge to your site, demonstrating to visitors that you have a legitimate business.

Who should write your guest blog content?

Guest blogging is most effective not only when it has a knowledgeable and compelling writer, but when one person acts as the face of your company’s content. The first step is to find someone that would be happy to write some content, has a lot of knowledge and insightful tips relevant to the industry and is dedicated to sharing the core values and message of your company. Having one person as the face of your company’s content helps build humanisation and consequent trust between you and your audience. Talk regularly with your chosen writer about content ideas and be sure that they understand the value of their content.

"Who is the voice of your industry and what topics will engage your audience?"

Where to publish your guest blog?

For guest blogging to be its most effective, it is important not to publish blog posts wherever you feel like it. Spend some serious time researching the publications that your audience are actively reading. The aim is to find a platform that your target audience is already highly engaged with, as this will allow you to create a direct path from their audience to your business and thus generate leads. Look at all the respected online publications that specialise in your industry, then look at their credentials and media kits. Consider how valuable the outlet will be to your target audience and go from there.

How to pitch to a publication?

Pitching can be the trickiest part of the guest blogging process, as editors at these publications often receive hundreds of new ideas each day. It is important that you find a creative way to pitch your content idea and design an outreach that feels just as unique as your business and thought leader. A creative subject line is a great place to start, before a body that highlights why your article will be of particular value to their audience. Before you submit a pitch, make sure you are familiar with the publication’s pitch guidelines, the content they are looking for, and the content they usually reject.

Although guest blogging may seem like a lot of work and planning, it can be an incredibly valuable addition to your content marketing strategy, opening up your company to a new area of your target audience. Once you begin to see the results of your guest blogging efforts, you will be glad that you put all of the groundwork in.

How to deliver your content

Videography and podcasts are excellent modern methods of distributing your content. These can complement white papers or written blog posts to effectively engage with your audience and provide an alternative method of absorbing information to suit current digital trends.

Have you considered engaging with a guest blogger before?

Get in touch to see how Socially Grown can introduce you to guest blogging, enhance your credibility and drive interest to your business.

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