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Roadmap to the “new normal”

Before Covid-19 your business had goals.

Perhaps you wanted to attract a new market or offer a new service. The direction and structure of your business may need to change.
Follow our 9-Step Roadmap to create a plan for the “New Normal”.

1. Review Markers for ‘Back to normal’

Follow the progress of other countries and your industry.

Follow government guidelines to decide when is the right time to re-introduce the “new normal”.

2. Rethink your goals

Are we still pursuing the same audience as pre Covid-19?

What do our target audience expect of us?
What’s changed?

3. Reassess competition

Has our positioning changed?

Does our message need to change?
What makes us different now?

4. Evaluate sales process

How do our customers operate under their “new normal”?

How do our processes flex to accommodate new customer needs?
Does our existing process model fit the new world?

5. Adapt your strategy to reflect these goals

What are our expectations?

New timelines?
Adjust KPI’s?
Do we need to train the team?

6. Technology review

Which technology should we employ to deliver under the “new normal”?

Which technology will our clients also benefit from?
Are we well prepared for the future?

7. Go digital

Implement digital communications package.

Online, offline, Chatbot, virtual meetings and e-commerce.

8. Communicate the “new normal”

New working practices.

Content planning.
Inward and outward communication.
Implement training needs.

9. Continuous improvement

Continually evaluate, refine and re-define processes and strategy.

The ability to adapt to a changing environment is fundamental to sustainable and profitable growth.

plot your roadmap today.

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