5 Tips For Businesses Emerging From Lockdown

Chris Dickins
Thursday June 4, 2020

As lockdown measures begin to ease in the UK, we are beginning to see a gradual return to work, in what has been the year of social, political and economic uncertainty. One thing we can be certain of, is that businesses will do all they can to survive.

But there’s an opportunity for all of us to use the time that remains during lockdown measures, to reflect. To decide how we as professionals want to emerge from this.

Global Growth: The Economy Will Recover

As reported by Morgan Stanley, the economy has dropped, but much sharper than recessions of recent years. A sharper drop means a sharper recovery, which means we will return to economic stability faster.

The New Normal

But while there are optimistic forecasts of stability in the future, things are unlikely to return to “normal.” At least not as we knew it. We must embrace a “new normal.” 

Use this time of reflection to decide what the new normal looks like: 

  • What’s going to be different about the way you work?
  • What new challenges and opportunities are in your customers’ lives?
  • How has this year changed your employees’ experience? 
  • What’s your reputation like now, compared to six months ago?

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is going to be a big priority going forward, and the hard work starts now. These are some of the ways you can position your brand to be a pillar of strength in uncertain times and continue to generate customer engagement, the right way.

1 Be A Positive Voice for Your Industry

Show compassion towards those in your community who have struggled. We have all become very much aware of the plight of NHS workers during the pandemic, and have demonstrated very powerful gestures of respect for these members of the community. What members of your community have gone the extra mile in recent months, at great personal risk to themselves?  Be a voice for them.

Build a narrative of resilience, not only for you, but the people around you. Celebrate the employees, customers and stakeholders who have risen above challenges in their personal and professional lives, individuals you are proud to have as part of your network. Social media, blogs and podcasts work best when they are created around real life experiences.

2 Research The Market

You might have known your audience inside and out when society was “normal,” But what does it look like during the new normal? How your customers answer the following questions might be a major deciding factor in how you conduct business going forward.

Questions to ask your customers:

-How have your spending habits changed?

-How has the pandemic affected your working life?

-Have your savings become threatened by the economic landscape?

-Have your opinions on health and safety changed?

"“As economies reopen and more workers return to their jobs, mobility trends and production levels should further improve.” - Chetan Ahya, Chief Economist and Global Head of Economics, Morgan Stanley Research"

3 The Customer Experience  

Now is the time to think about how you can optimize your customer experience as the economy recovers and customers become customers again:

  • Ecommerce platforms
  • UX design
  • Email nurture process
  • Free tools and resources
  • Flexible payment options

Engaging both sales and marketing in these areas will help your customers to emerge from the lockdown and economic slump by having everything right where they need it.

4 Engagement 

It’s more important than ever to engage with your customers on a meaningful level. The use of social media during the pandemic, particularly as people have struggled to stay motivated during an extended period of time at home, has boomed. The use of video streaming and conferencing has soared as people look to new ways of establishing face to face contact.

There have been many examples of brands engaging with their customers in new and exciting ways during this time; don’t lose sight of that as people start to get back to work.

Let your social strategy remind your customers that we are still all in this together. Tools like Vidyard can help you create engaging conversations and presentations that keep you at the forefront of customer engagement, wherever they are.

5 The Employee Experience

As a result of the pandemic, which no business could ever have expected to be faced with this year, their reactions, new strategies and public communications have revealed much about their true identity and culture. 

As you have navigated the new global culture of home working, how would you as a business owner, describe your team culture? How does it compare to six months ago? Now is a fantastic opportunity to re-engage your workforce and take pride in representing your brand. 

The tools that have emerged to keep teams sharing, communicating and collaborating together have rescued team culture in many workplaces; continue to make the most of digital collaboration as the new normal changes the landscape of employee experience.

Digital collaboration tools:

  • Zoom
  • Hubspot
  • Vidyard
  • Teamwork
  • WhatsApp

Now is Not the Time to Slow Down

A global crisis such as this is when businesses typically dial back on marketing and communications and strip back on new ventures. Go the opposite way. 

Be the one who isn’t afraid to make a statement, show resilience, compassion and respect for the customer making their way through the new normal. In the case of Kellogg’s during The Great Depression, it solidified their legacy as a market leader which continues to this day. This year could be the defining era for you, too.

To develop your marketing strategy that’s optimised for effectiveness as we enter the new normal era, talk to a member of the Socially Grown team today or drop a comment below.


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