5 Business Activities That Emerged From Lockdown

Chris Dickins
Tuesday June 23, 2020

During the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown measures have prevented businesses from doing business, the ordinary way. This applies to an overwhelming number of them. From, networking, to marketing to buying and selling, companies have thrown out the rule book this year and worked hard to innovate. Not just to survive, but to spread positive messages during tragic circumstances.

Here are some approaches businesses have taken around the world to spread awareness through positive words and actions. 

Hosting Events

While mass public gatherings have ceased around the world, it’s unclear when the bustling atmosphere of a packed exhibition hall will happen again. That hasn’t stopped many companies from hosting their annual events differently, this year. 

Online conferences have taken the concept of video communication to new extremes, and are helping professionals to share knowledge, communicate and network with each other just as much as before. 

Many businesses have gone even further by shipping food hampers, drinks and party accessories to attendees for virtual dinners – enabling people to share experiences and feel connected.


Many businesses are taking the opportunity to make the most of their peers’ downtime during lockdown, by upskilling them. Blazemaster specialise in fire safety systems, and have recently published a CPD video seminar, accredited by RIBA. This means fire safety professionals working at home can get skilled and qualified, ready to return to work stronger than ever.

As people are either unemployed, furloughed, or working remotely during the pandemic, online courses have seen a surge in enrolments these past few months. Many are also concerned about the state of the economy when lockdowns are eased, and how to keep their businesses afloat – or how to switch to a new career or start a new business altogether.

Coursera recently revealed 23 most popular courses that people have been taking on their platform – which includes classes like the ever-popular ‘The Science of Wellbeing’ online course and a number of others in differing fields.

Joining the Front Line

A truly inspiring trend from the automotive industry, as factory workers around the world stop work on building cars, instead focusing their attention on personal protective equipment (PPE) for NHS frontline workers.

One such factory is Nissan’s Sunderland plant, who stepped up and got 18,000 nursing gowns produced per week, with an aim to scale up to 70,000.  

From car manufacturers to our local seamstresses, businesses have diversified their services and skills to support our country and front line workers.

"As the world emerges from the crisis, employees will find new ways to interact, entrepreneurs will realise business opportunities, managers can reassess innovation strategies, and consumers will be able to take advantage of new environments. "

Bringing Hospitality Home

The hospitality industry has been hit hard by the crisis, as pubs, restaurants and hotels have remained empty for much of the first half of the year. However, an inspiring innovation from one much-loved restaurant chain has kept awareness strong while their tables remain empty. 

Nando’s restaurants may be closed, but their online strategy to keep audiences engaged has included a very popular collection of original recipes on their website, allowing their loyal followers to continue to enjoy the restaurant experience at home.

Our local pubs and restaurants have stepped up to the mark and introduced delivery and collection services, allowing their business to continue at a reduced level, whilst maintaining their loyal customer base and supporting their community. Many have prioritised the vulnerable and the elderly, even offering free meals delivered to their doors.

Simply Being There

Along with hospitality, the travel industry was hit hard, and fast. Now that travel is starting to become a reality again, there is some hope ahead for keen explorers this summer. 

However, during the travel industry’s darkest times at the peak of the crisis, Airbnb will always be remembered for the support they provided to hosts and potential customers online. Free downloadable resources and regular updates and safety guides were a constant reminder to the travel industry that we are not alone. 

They even host a collection of unique online experiences, allowing families to enjoy a little bit of the holiday experience from the comfort of home. 

Limitation Leads to Innovation

Despite the hardship that the economy faces in the wake of the great tragedy of this pandemic, it has been inspiring to see businesses, even those facing the darkest of times, innovate in such a way. 

Think about how these practices might help your communities, customers and colleagues to spread a positive message in this difficult time. At a time like this, the brands that lead, educate and inspire are the ones that will be remembered.

Looking for ways to engage and innovate? Socially Grown support our clients to deliver messages using the very latest technologies and software. Get in touch today to find out more or drop us a comment below.


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