5 Digital Predictions for 2021

Chris Dickins
Friday November 27, 2020

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s this; if your business isn’t driven digitally, you may struggle to maintain a business at all in the future.

Next year is going to be about making bold digital decisions as the global business community’s dependence on digital technology intensifies.

Here, we break down our top five bold digital predictions for 2021; trends, behaviours, technologies and cultural shifts that started taking shape this year, which we need to embrace, ready for next year.

User Experience Becomes Vital

Your website has become much more than a simple shop window; it is the starting point of your client relationships going forward.

Google Core Vitals are going to define your position on the world’s most popular search engine; In other words, the user experience on your website will determine how many online visitors come your way in the first place.

Google will rank your website based on the overall user experience (functionality, navigation, content, much more than just aesthetics.) Craft your online customer journey and let your audience know you are ready to meet their requirements in the New Year, and Google will reward you for it.

Now is the perfect time to create an online content strategy for 2021. Audit your previous results, which pages drive the most traffic and where are you gaining your levels of engagement? With this knowledge, you can begin to craft a detailed content strategy to ensure optimum performance.

Data Driven Decisions are Getting Made

Analytics used to be a cool feature; now it’s essential that we know our customers requirements and behaviours on a granular level.

COVID-19 has unfortunately seen the temporary and permanent closure of many businesses, and in many cases, digital marketing was the first overhead to be dropped when the first lockdown was announced. Businesses are now realising that they need to embrace digital marketing once again to recover their visibility in Google search (SEO) and/or to improve their presence on Social Media in order to sustain sales and income.

Local SEO will be a business owners’ best friend. As consumers are more interested in shopping local and supporting small businesses, local search has increased, with consumers looking for products and services within their local area. 

Business owners should prioritise local SEO and implement a content strategy to ensure they remain visible online. Small actions such as creating Google My Business can really help with local search.

Understand your website’s analytics, your social media analytics and find out as much about your current customer database as you possibly can. Data is the new currency; invest what you have and watch your business grow in the New Year.

"Being versatile and embracing technologies to enable your business to effectively work remotely is going to be key for 2021"

Work Like a Machine

Or rather, work alongside the machines. Digital automation has developed to a point where businesses of five are automatically completing the work of 500. New businesses in particular have used methods of automated communication and business management to steady the ship through tough times.

To ensure your productivity and efficiency is at optimum level and meets the challenging demands of today’s customers, find out what automation platforms such as HubSpot can do for you.

Remote Working in 2021

During 2020, many businesses have opted for remote working and have successfully managed to implement a whole new way of working. Thankfully technology is able to support us during extended periods of remote working and employees are becoming familiar and comfortable with many tools and platforms.

Being versatile and embracing technologies to enable your business to effectively work remotely is going to be key for 2021.

Want to get the most out of remote working? Check out our tips on home working.

If You’re Going to Make It… Make it Personal

As much as digital technology can make it feel like life among the machines in a futuristic action movie, the personal touch is still wanted, it is still needed and your business absolutely depends on it.

Channel these technologies to deliver a personal, human led customer service; whether it be through video chat, chat bots or one to one online appointments. 

People still buy from people. Embracing digital is about embracing the new ways to connect with them.

Are you ready?

Prepare for 2021 today. Talk to Socially Grown about preparing your business for the next evolution in online business management.

As always, it’s about connecting with people, so all it takes is a quick chat with us.

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