Being an established brand but with no previous experience of paid social media activity, Socially Grown were asked to support the in-house social media team with a Facebook, Instagram and PPC campaign to increase visibility and sales of their Luxury Christmas Hamper range. We were also tasked with developing an ongoing posting strategy, to ensure consistent productivity and results going forward.


Our initial approach was to research and understand the typical target persona of a ‘Christmas Hamper.’ Next, we ensured the user experience matched their expectations when landing on the website. Working with both the brand’s social team and website developers, we coordinated a sales journey from the initial touch point through to delivery of the hampers themselves.

A series of sales funnel strategies were created and implemented to ensure that this initial campaign was a success. Using careful and meticulous research, planning and project management, we launched the campaign at the end of October for a two month period.


Reviewing the historical sales data, social media, organic and paid traffic of the company and its rival companies, we noticed that there was a ‘sweet spot’ between 20th November through to 12th December; typically, an intense period of sales and interest in Christmas Hampers.

With this in mind, we created both an organic and paid social media campaign to reflect a sense of growing urgency but staying true to the brand’s ethos. Between the optimum dates mentioned above, we rapidly increased our PPC and Paid Social campaigns to ensure the brand had optimum visibility to potential purchasers (to the surprise of high street stores and luxury hampers who seriously devalued their campaign during this time period.)


The campaign delivered far beyond the client’s expectations with PPC delivering 883% ROAS and Paid Social delivered 916% ROAS. Roughly for every £1 spent on marketing, returned £9 in revenue – well below the KPI provided by the client and delivering a 1500% increase on return on ad spend the previous year.


The client had previously relied on their in-house team to create and deliver PPC and Paid Social Media campaigns. However due to the stagnation of sales, Socially Grown was asked to provide a quick and intensive marketing strategy within days of brief. We did this, and delivered beyond the client’s KPIs and expectations

Landing Page and Collections Strategy

All encompassing funnel strategy

PPC, Google Shopping & Paid Social Campaigns

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