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By 2022 there will be some 29.3 million households in the UK, and this will provide underlying growth for spending on the home. Over the last five years, homeowners have spent more than £40 billion making home improvements. Powerful statistics for the interior design market.

However, purchasing new items for your home can prove challenging. There’s a lot of choice out there and finding that ‘unique something’ is not always easy. 

With a lot of retailers supplying mass-produced and generic items, it can be difficult to find inspiration to ensure your space is unique to you. With so many online stores now available to us too, the process can feel overwhelming.

Our role

Website Design
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branding & website design

Suki approached Socially Grown as he was keen to update his image and create a brand reflective of where his business is now, but also strong enough to grow into the future. With such a memorable name we felt it imperative that the brand must clearly portray the most important element of the business – Suki Shocker. We created the circular initials icon so that Suki can use his logo either in part, or in full, depending on his marketing initiative. Distinctive, refined and recognisable, we were confident to move to the next stage of website design.

With such a visual service, we decided that showcasing Suki’s projects as soon as visitors enter the site would be most powerful. Due to the volume of projects already completed, we worked with Suki to select his most popular projects, whilst also being mindful of displaying his variety of work.

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