Our values

We get to the point.

We know you want marketing that converts and gets sales moving. That’s all we want too. We are a focused, revenue conscious marketing agency made up of professionals who want the job done.

We make it personal.

People buy from people, so we take pride in making digital marketing a human experience. No unnecessary acronyms, egos or marketing jargon. We find what works and we deliver it.

We want to be involved.

Diversity and inclusion drove this team together and it’s what drives us to support local and global businesses to realise their growth goals.

We know what we are talking about.

We are a small team of perfectly formed specialists. All team members hold a wealth of experience in their field. From design to content creation to project management, each team member has done what they do at the highest level and continues to do so.


Do you have what it takes to write this title?!

We’re always on the look out for serious talent – if you’re ready to socially grow with us then drop your details below.

Tara Barker

Content Creator, Designer, Inbound Marketer

Tea drinking, outdoor loving inbound marketer by day and artist by night. Tara has recently moved from South Africa and brings with her a multitude of content management and design skills.

Rich Smith

Senior Account Manager

Rich always has clients’ best interests at heart. Thorough and analytical, he'll understand your business, ensuring requirements are understood before working with the wider agency team to deliver great work on time and on budget.

Martin Jeffrey

Digital Acquisitions Manager

Our digital acquisitions manager who works hard to make you visible in all the right places. With regular analytical updates, you can track your successes and build your web presence.

Danni Poulton


If you want to communicate your brand value with style and precision, Danni’s your girl. She finds just the right words, just the right angle to make a meaningful connection with your audience.

Agnes Kiss

CRM & E-Marketing Specialist

The queen of email campaigns, Agnes’ world consists of open rates, engagement levels and re-targeting. If she hits your inbox, you’re going to open!

Ben Parry


Following 20 years of multi-national roles in the construction products sector, Ben diversified into multi-discipline marketing and joined Socially Grown. A seasoned strategic thinker with a wealth of business transformation and growth experience, Ben adopts a more consultative approach with our clients. Under Ben's operational leadership, Socially Grown has continued to grow our corporate customer base, recently onboarding recognised global brands such as Lubrizol, Hadley Group and Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke (DAW).

Eloise Lowe

Content Creator, Designer, Inbound Marketer

A forward-thinking individual that thrives in communicating marketing strategies into tangible visual assets and solving problems in order to deliver projects with clarity.

Ben Griffiths

Web Developer

Ben is an experienced WordPress and HubSpot web developer with years of industry experience. Keen to meet design aspirations, Ben turns vision into digital reality.

Raymond T

Web Developer

Ray is a passionate and driven Wordpress and HubSpot web developer with a keen eye for detail. With a BSc in Web Applications Development, and years of industry experience, Ray implements innovative web solutions for all of our clients needs.

Sarah Matarazzo


As the founder partner of Socially Grown, Sarah insists sales and return on marketing spend is in Socially Grown's DNA. Every campaign, every creative and every post is underpinned by a sales objective. It will not come as any surprise to learn that Sarah was schooled in sales management. Acting in senior roles for several household brands, Sarah's approach often challenges marketing theory but is committed to delivering the customers revenue goals.

Jackie White


Beach lovin’ graphic designer with a passion for being creative and adding her personal touch to each project. As soon as she’s inspired there’s no stopping her. Irreversibly addicted to designing and anything Cadbury’s!

Chris Dickins

Audio Specialist, Content Creator

Our in-house writer with a background in broadcasting, Chris is a natural storyteller. Using blogs, articles and podcasts, he will transform your brand messages into engaging stories, converting customers into your biggest fans.