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The huge array of social media channels now available can be mind-blogging to smaller businesses. However, recognised as a communication game-changer, social media simply cannot be ignored by any ambitious company.

We help you navigate the social channels using well-defined, market tested processes. Our goal is to encourage social-media centric engagement with your target audience, build brand recognition and deliver consistent customer engagement.

Curated content

When we curate content we try to sprinkle it with a little humanity. Social contact is most effective when you stop publishing like a business and start talking like a human.

Tone of voice

We ensure that your tone of voice reflects your brand message and core values but most importantly is appropriate for your target audience. Delivering the correct tone, consistently day in and day out is crucial.

Pay Per Click and biddable media

Frightening, yes. Expensive, no. Pay per click campaigns can be quite scary as the possibility of the right people clicking your advert is viewed as slim. That perception however all changes when the audience is specifically selected and carefully targeted.

Fact based and data driven

Using data driven insight, we track and monitor how your target audience is responding to your companies social media and from this we adapt our approach accordingly.

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