The decision to hire a marketing manager is one of the most essential decisions that you can make to ensure the success of your company. Finding the ideal individual is a time-consuming process that demands thoughtful analysis and diligent decision-making. Doing it in 2023 has its own challenges, too.

It is well known that recruiting marketing professionals is a difficult undertaking, but in recent years, as many companies have focused their attention on digitally elevating their brands, the difficulty of this process has increased even further, but it doesn’t have to.

What is the role of a Marketing Manager?

Having a marketing function within your business has never been more important. A product or service reaches its target audience under the guidance of the Marketing Manager.

They are responsible for analysing demand in the market and leading a team of creators, analysts and company representatives in the development and implementation of innovative and creative campaigns to increase client interest and drive leads in the right direction.

Hiring a Marketing Manager

To help get you started, here are our 10 tips to consider when recruiting a Marketing Manager for your business.

1. DO nail the Marketing Manager job description

Make a point to create a comprehensive job description for the ideal candidate. What would a typical day look like for your company’s Marketing Manager? What will be the end goal of their many marketing strategies? How much budget will realistically be allocated towards their marketing efforts?

2.DO find a Marketing Manager that can manage budgets

Successful Marketing Managers can properly manage budgets. Make sure yours knows how and where to distribute company investment for optimum returns.

3. DO be clear about your Marketing Manager salary expectations

Publicise the salary range you are expecting to offer for the post. This not only saves time for everyone involved, but it also ensures that only applicants who are genuinely interested will apply for the role.

4. DON’T rely solely on Linkedin to find Marketing Managers

Despite how efficient they may be, LinkedIn also provides applicants with a streamlined application procedure. This means that candidates have the ability to submit up to one hundred applications each day if they so choose. 

As a result, candidates who pay attention to detail and provide customised applications (i.e.:, the serious applicants you really want to see) may be overlooked inadvertently.

5. DO make sure the Marketing Manager understands your industry

Make sure they are familiar with your field and have an interest in it, that they understand the strategic goals of your company, and their marketing strategy is aligned with those goals.

If your Marketing Manager is familiar with your business’ sector, including its notorious pain points, you’ll be able to complete your deliverables quickly and with greater efficiency.

6. DO get someone who understands life among your audience

Breaking into your market is essential for your marketing campaigns to work. Make sure your chosen candidate is able to manage their team in terms of tone of voice, messaging, metrics and more, to reach the right people in the right context, to establish your business as a trusted voice in the community.

7. DO check their competency in understanding the latest trends

In 2023, every Marketing Manager is a digital marketing manager. Make sure they are aware of all the most recent marketing platforms and trends before hiring them. 

Starting a working relationship with this established means they are able to instantly introduce platforms to deliver, which saves you both time and money.

8. DON’T underestimate the leadership skills needed for Marketing Managers

Your Marketing Manager needs to be able to lead the team to success, regardless of the size of the team, be it two or twenty. This requires knowledge, proven industry experience and outstanding people skills.

9. DON’T let a candidate’s skills dictate the Marketing Manager responsibilities

Do not allow an individual applicant’s skillset to determine how you conduct business. If you hire a “traditional” Marketing Manager, you run the risk of being led in the wrong direction if, for example, one of the goals of your company is to improve your search engine marketing. Check to see that the experience they have matches up with your objectives.

10. DO look for a keen interest in self development and training

In a sector that is constantly undergoing change, ensuring that your Marketing Manager is current on the most recent marketing tactics and practices will assist in securing your company’s position for the foreseeable future. A Marketing Manager’s responsibilities evolve over time and your ideal candidate should already be aware of that.

Your marketing campaigns drive your business

A good Marketing Manager knows not only the product or service they are selling, but also their competitors, their target customers, and the thriving potential in the market. Take a step back and think carefully before making a choice to hire.

Businesses that focus on investing in good marketing management stand a great chance of boosting profitability, but the wrong choice can be problematic and extremely costly.

Talk to Socially Grown about your business’ marketing goals. We can help you figure out what areas of marketing investment would be best for your company, whether that’s products, platforms or people.