The content strategy process.

If marketing isn’t built around generating quality leads and converting them to sales, we don’t consider it marketing. The customer journey is where it all begins, so that’s where we start. Nurturing the journey towards your next successful sale and multiplying that experience with campaigns that work.

We are ethical communicators. We genuinely care about the customer journey and its association with your name. We don’t clutter timelines with meaningless attention-grabbing. We provide the customer with the information, education, and motivation they need to get their problems solved at your front door.

1. Research the market

2. Prioritise your desired outcomes

3. Outline your branded content

4. Create content and curate third-party content

5. Distribute to relevant channels

6. Monitor engagement and optimise

Effective content strategy.

You can boost your engagement levels for a piece of content by investing time and resources into targeting. The more focused and relevant your content and copy is, the more likely it will strike a chord with your target audience.

If you want to take your content to a narrower, but hyper-relevant demographic, you can do so with targeting. This enables you to publish your content so that it is only visible to viewers that exist within a fixed set of predetermined parameters. The advantage of this is that you’re speaking to the people that need your content and need it now.

Here are just some of the parameters that you can apply to your targeted content strategy campaign:




Lifestyle & Hobbies


Brand interactions

City or Region

Area Code

Engagement and insight.

It’s not enough to simply publish your great content, then wait for the brand exposure, quality leads and sales to roll in. The science behind every successful content strategy is in the insights.

All content sharing platforms whether websites or social media, enable you to analyse the engagement levels you’re creating on the back of your newly curated content. You can track and monitor how your content is performing, in terms of engagement. Engagement is the goal of any online content, it’s the difference between simple window-dressing and effective, profitable growth.

Dedicate time and resources to tracking, analysing and reporting on what content is doing well, and what is not. Identify which videos are getting the most views. What offers are getting the most reactions. You can even drill down to the times of day your audience is most active. This perpetual cycle of analysis and optimisation is what makes content marketing work.

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