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During this rise of the ecommerce website, businesses have quickly learned what many have known all along; online is no longer a second option; it’s a fundamental part of sales.

Subscriptions, mailing lists, pop-up sales events and one-click free trials have become the norm for ecommerce businesses. All of this activity does much more than move units, it boosts brand awareness in the one place your audience spends most of their time – the internet.

Socially grown are Woocommerce digital marketers and can show you how to grow and maintain your ecommerce business output using simple to use, smart analytical platforms. With our tried and tested ecommerce marketing tactics, integrate sales with your marketing activity and watch your brand build revenue and your revenue build your brand.

What is ecommerce marketing?

E commerce is the art of streamlining your online sales. Ecommerce marketing is the art of streamlining the way your marketing output feeds traffic into sales. In other words, it’s how businesses convert as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Now that online sales platforms are a fundamental part of buying and selling in todays business landscape, get yours working as hard as possible for you.

No ecommerce marketing plan should be the same as another. Every element of the user experience should be tailored to represent your brand well, whether it is scrolling through a list of available products, filling up the online shopping basket or returning to a previous one. Good E commerce puts your brand’s DNA into every purchase, every subscription and every special offer.

Take this philosophy a step further with your marketing. Once you have set goals for your Ecommerce business, think about how your wider marketing strategy can feed into this process, bringing in new customers from further afield. Social Media, blogs, videos and online ads can be a true extension of your shop window, each one a new opportunity to make a good impression and get them through the door.

What is an ecommerce marketing strategy?

Drive people to your online store by extending the reach of your shop window to millions of digital consumers. Here are just ecommerce marketing tips we can help you with.


PPC marketing blends seamlessly with ecommerce sites because it finds the customers who are looking for you right now. Targeted google ads, display and banner ads ads across search engines and websites get the clicks you need from the people who need your product today. As with all good digital marketing, PPC is trackable and totally flexible; use your analytics to dial up your PPC efforts in the areas that are working well for you, within minutes.

Social media ads

There has been an exponential upsurge in social media browsing; when it comes to browsing, the same principle applies as though you were on the shop floor. Get those who are browsing excited about your product and smoothly introduce them to the shopping experience, scoring conversions across social media with smart social media marketing such as Facebook ads. Our team of in-house ecommerce marketers can drive up that excitement and get people talking.


While search engine optimisation is important to drive the visibility of any online presence, SEO is even more important for an Ecommerce business. In a shopping context, customers place much more trust in higher ranking sites. increase search traffic, build up your domain value and position your e-commerce website among the top sellers in your field, positioning yourself perfectly for an influx of new and returning customers.

Digital marketing strategy onsite and offsite

Adapt E commerce into your wider marketing strategy for powerful results. Onsite and offsite blogs, email marketing, videos and podcasts boost awareness, position your brand as thought leaders on such products and give paying customers a richer experience from the start.

Make your marketing efforts mean more. Use blogs to create excitement around a new product launch. Conduct podcast interviews with product creators and early adopters. Use video how-to guides to introduce customers to their new purchases much more effectively. After you have done this, use your customers own experiences, stories and testimonials to fuel even more content and drive more viewers toward your ecommerce store.

Ecommerce marketing success is when sales and marketing work together seamlessly, which is why Socially Grown is passionate about Ecommerce marketing. Talk to us about Ecommerce business marketing strategies and how we can put Woocomerce to work in creating valauble, sellable digital marketing excellence.


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