Search Engine Optimisation.

A well crafted, superbly written webpage or blog on your website is something you should be proud of; something that captures the hearts and minds of your customers. But the internet doesn’t see it that way. In a world of trending topics, keywords and algorithms, your written content isn’t traditional text, it’s data. And good data gets results. SEO is about positioning your written content as strongly as possible, to get it seen by the right people, in the right context. A good SEO strategy will make sure that good data is written into the fabric of your digital presence each and every day.

The key benefits of written copy with strong SEO content are as follows:

Heightened brand awareness

Better readability

A positive user experience

Higher search ranking authority

Improved website efficiency

Positions you as an industry thought leader

Good practices in SEO strategy require research into trending words, search terms and topical language. What follows is quality copywriting that includes a rich collection of strong SEO content, written in the right context for the piece. What follows is a long term analytical process, measuring the organic traffic gained by your efforts, and optimising it accordingly should trends inevitably change, while new trends emerge. This entire process takes time and resources to get right.

How does engaging professional SEO services provide a higher return compared to other media?

SEO lasts longer than other media, turn off PPC or Paid Social, the traffic stops.

SEO can be cheaper than other paid search strategies.

SEO offers higher credibility and trust to your audience. 70% of clicks go to organic search results instead of the Ads above them.

What’s good for your SEO today, might not be as effective next week, or next month. Your long term SEO strategy needs to factor time and resources into frequent analysis and optimisation, making the little changes that make a big difference. It is a cost effective way of making sure your content continues to work hard for you, long after it’s been published.

Trusting Socially Grown to provide you with professional SEO services & strategy means having a dedicated commitment to optimising your content. You will receive regular updates and analytics, demonstrating how your digital content is performing and where you are appearing in search rankings, compared to your competitors. We will propose what measures can be taken to leverage the most traffic possible, and put them into action.

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Our client recognised that SEO needed to be an essential part of their digital marketing strategy. Starting in November 2020, we rolled out a site wide optimisation, but within the strategy the client requested that we target products forecast to trend in February 2021. This gave us three months to optimise a high level ecommerce website, and try to gain the top three positions for high difficulty keywords.

The first graph shows the impact of the SEO strategy with the beginning of the upturn starting on 27th December 2020, within two months the website was no longer averaging 430 sessions per day but closer to 2000. In turn, revenue for the website and the targeted products also increased 400%.


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