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Examples of Search Engine Marketing are SEO, and PPC, or Pay-per-click advertising. While SEO deals with optimization of your website to yield the best organic results, PPC advertising is about instantly positioning yourself at the top of that all important search results page. Generally, PPC is the quicker option and can work effectively for businesses who need to get their brand out there with some urgency.

In the same manner as SEO, the PPC process begins with extensive research into relevant keywords for your brand. You must extract the data that is most associated with the products and services people are looking for. From the 3.5 billion Google searches that happen per day, you need to know which ones can be answered by you.

The Pay Per Click process:

The creation of your advertising campaign is influenced by this research. A collection of key words and phrases will direct search engine users to your brand, the frequency of which depends on the level of investment, making PPC extremely flexible.

Keyword Research

Ad Creation

Campaign Implementation

Keyword Analysis

Assessment and Optimisation

Search engine users will be directed to your website at the top of the search results page. This is where keyword rich landing pages come into their own and nurture the user along an effortless process, towards their desired outcome, effectively converting them into a new customer for you.

Like SEO, PPC requires frequent monitoring and analysis to measure the effectiveness of chosen campaigns. If some PPC ads work less effectively than others, they can be re-focused and optimized to achieve stronger results across the whole campaign.

Typically a PPC campaign can include:

Search Campaign


Google & Bing Shopping

Remarketing – bring customers back

Video & YouTube Advertising

Good PPC practice takes time and resources to perfect the research, content, monitoring and optimisation. Talk to Socially Grown about how you can boost your brand awareness quickly with PPC, use SEO to increase organic awareness, or combine both for a powerful long term SEM strategy.

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