Video marketing builds relationships.

Think beyond a company video as a simple introduction to your products and services, your page copy can work its SEO magic to do this, covering the features and benefits. What video does that the written word doesn’t is build relationships.

The science.

The written word has a significant role to play in digital marketing and it always will, it is the backbone that allows Google to find you. However, video allows your audience to connect to you in a more natural way that’s both easy for the brain to process and provides greater information.

This is all down to how our brains are wired because our decision making process relies heavily on our perception of other people’s behaviour, or social cognition. In essence, if we see someone else being happy, our mirror neurons fire and we feel happy too.

So happy staff and happy customers talking about their great experiences will fire happy emotions in your viewers.


Why use video?

There are many ways to deploy video in a business and there is no product or service that cannot be expressed with a genuine and authentic video subject. You can:


Introduce your audience to key members of your team with interview style videos.

Bring product demonstrations to life.

Document the customer journey from beginning to end to set expectations.

Go behind the scenes and make a personal connection, revealing some of the interesting aspects of the business customers don’t normally see.

Show potential candidates where they would be working, the type of work you do and the team atmosphere.

Video marketing strategy.

Video is not a novelty; it is a fundamental element of your marketing strategy. Socially Grown will work with you to focus your video content towards specific goals. We will establish a target audience and determine the key messages your audience needs to hear.

Whether you would like an…

Testimonial style interview

Informative webinar

Product showcase

Site tour


…we will craft a script and storyboard that speaks to your customers in your language.

Our content creation experts in video production and audio will produce an engaging media representation of your brand that will position you ahead of your competitors. Content that can be used across all online platforms including social media provides excellent return on investment, and can be repurposed in future edits by creating a media library.

Give your sales team the edge, positioning them strongly in conversations with customers and prospects by humanising them ahead of meetings and presentations.

For full integration of video into your marketing communications, Socially Grown can help get you started with Vidyard, a branded video tool for marketing and sales professionals to do business digitally, wherever they are in the world. Link to video selling page

Talk to Socially Grown today and get started on a video marketing plan that will get your business seen, heard and most importantly, remembered.

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