Introduction to video selling

Before we think about video selling, think about the videos you’ve watched recently on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix or the BBC. Think of the millions of hours of video content being consumed on streaming platforms and social media right now. Consumers are naturally gravitating towards video, and business are beginning to follow.

How important is video right now, to your business? Is video marketing having a significant effect on your sales? How important is video marketing to your customers? Does the written word cut through as much as it once did?

We already know that video is important. All industries have seen the benefits of video, and it’s not just video marketing that is seeing those benefits. 40% of businesses are now using video in sales. In today’s business and social climate, It’s not a novelty anymore. Video is a necessity.

Challenges faced by sales teams

Sales teams around the world share many common challenges; poor quality leads, a drawn out sales cycle or cumbersome sales process, or a lack of urgency, connection or perceived value. Fortunately, video can help to address all of the above.

How many emails have your received in the last 24 hours? Do you remember them all? It’s’ more difficult than ever to stand out in the inbox and cut through the noise. Video does this better than any other medium. It enhances client relationships and it gets results.

Why make a sales pitch video?

There’s nothing quite like 1-2-1, face-to-face communication in business. People buy from people; it’s the human connections that work best. Video is technology’s answer to this; in a HubSpot study, sales professionals who used video were 21% more likely to elicit a reply.

Stand out from your competition

Video goes hand in hand with the flywheel model of driving business; it helps to keeping momentum by attracting, engaging and delighting customers. Attract by standing out, engage by making a human connection and delight by delivering superior service. Video is an effective tool for turning customers into loyal supporters; a catalyst for momentum.

Using video in the sales process

At every stage in sales process, it’s important to optimise each video in order to achieve a specific goal. Think about your end goal for each video; do you want to use it to convert a lead? To generate web traffic? Or simply to connect more quickly and get an invite for that all-important coffee? What do your outreach goals, nurture goals and end goals look like in your business?

Once you’ve established your video goals, practise, practise, practise! The more you integrate video, the more naturally it will become an ordinary part of your working day.

Make it personal

Personalisation is all about putting your face to your name, a recognisable, approachable identity to your brand. But it’s not content for the sake of content;  you must always add value and always be relevant. Refine your video communications by deciding what goal you want to achieve, then choose the most appropriate level of personalisation

  • Hyper personalised videos are a true 1-2-1 interaction
    (Saying hi to Martin from ABC inc.) 
  • Account focused personalisation builds bridges between your brand and theirs (saying hi to the team at ABC inc.) 
  • Generic personalised videos share a common understanding, share knowledge and position you as a thought leader
    (the kind of content the folks at ABC inc. would love to see.) 

Once you’re connected, your prospect is officially on a journey to progressing a deal with you.

How video can boost your sales

Think of someone you’ve recently interacted with; what would you say to them next?

Now think of someone you’d love to meet and do business with; what would you say? Choose your target audience and craft your message. Use video to advance your relationship with that person, all the way to the deal stage. After that, think of a client you’ve recently done a deal with and decide how you can use video to add value.

Let’s get started

Whether you are completely new to video, you’re familiar with video marketing or you’ve integrated video into some or all of your sales, Socially Grown can help get your business to the next level with video sales.

  • Implementation Services help you to get started with video sales, managing your video collateral efficiently and establishing a branded presence where all your videos live. 
  • Enablement Services will help you drive your business through the medium of video sales, and get your whole organisation used to it. 
  • Alignment Services helps you to make the most of prospecting activity and qualifying leads through video. 
  • Video Coaching will get you making engaging and effective content, based on your goals. Empower every department in your organisation to do business with video.

Talk to Socially Grown about using video to bring your audience to you. As video is being consumed every second of the day on social media and streaming platforms, it’s time for businesses to communicate what we as consumers already know; it works.