Benefits of an email marketing service.

Control the cost

Email marketing gives you total control over the cost of your campaign. After the management fee, the cost of your email campaign comes down to the size of the database you want to reach. As your client base and your targeted prospects grow, so too does your campaign and the resulting cost. Manage this process well and you’ll always have a sustainable, effective and financially viable marketing campaign that feeds your success on an ongoing basis.

Engaged audience

The challenge of converting cold leads into hot prospects is never going away; it’s never getting any easier. With Email marketing, you already have a database of interested people that are engaged with your brand from the start. It’s already going to be easier to make a good impression.

Built in analytics

As with all good digital marketing, everything should be fully measurable. An Email marketing company can provide you with built-in analytics, making it easier to measure the effectiveness of your campaign as it happens. Segmentation allows even deeper control over your messaging; target sections of your database with alternate email messaging, maximising engagement through personalisation. Always stay relevant by keeping on the pulse of what your audience wants

A global audience

Traditional mail campaigns, limited by postcodes in a select region are a thing of the past. Anyone with an email address across the United Kingdom and beyond has potential to be your next lead, conversion and customer. Effective email marketing almost instantly transforms your brand’s reach and turns it global.

Email just hits better

As digital marketing technology has evolved, email has evolved with it, making it a mainstay among the most popular online marketing channels. In fact, research shows that Email is the best ROI for marketers, beating paid search, social media, display ads and more.

What to consider when launching an email campaign.

Set objectives

What do you want your campaign to achieve? Increased web traffic? Higher number of enquiries? More podcast downloads? Video views? Or maybe your campaign will be measured by conversions and sales alone? Always start email marketing campaigns with a clear, tangible goal.

Set KPIs

Like any marketing strategy, whether it is e commerce, social media or seo, top email marketing has a focus. Define your digital strategy using clear, measurable metrics such as revenue, click-through rates and website traffic. Successful email marketing cannot happen without a clear plan.

Email marketing is content marketing

Once your audience segments are in place, you can tailor email templates to each one. Will all segments respond well to a video message? How much web copy does your database have time to read on the go? Curate a content portfolio that services company needs every time.

Lead generation starts with you

Researching your potential clients is essential to creating, growing and engaging with a database that converts. Beyond that, good segmentation of your database helps to scale up the quality of your messaging.

Schedule your email campaigns

Next, establish a publication plan that follows a logical timeline that reflects the needs of your customer at that time. Content at the first touchpoint can and should look very different to that for a returning customer. Use smart marketing automation technology to keep this process up to date daily.

Position your brand well

You’re one click away from an audience of thousands. Ensure your emails are expertly branded, create quality graphic design and ensure all creative decisions are in line with GDPR regulations.

Optimise your send time

Email campaign management needs to be ongoing. Maximise engagement by tracking and changing send times. Commit to your analytics, follow the numbers, respond to what your audience is telling you and the results will speak for themselves; the best email marketing evolves as you do.

Top email marketing companies should be capable of no less than all of the above. To develop an Email marketing strategy that combines engaging content with smart analytics and optimisation and industry leading design, talk to a member of the Socially Grown team for a free consultation about email marketing services.


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