Your brand architecture.

Your brand is where your business lives; it’s your home. To understand this, we have to break your business down into individual building blocks, and start building you up again, to create your Brand Architecture.

Your Brand Architecture is a visual representation of your organisations’ products and services and how they relate to each other. To develop a thorough understanding of your brand, we must analyse every feature and every benefit, assessing their impact on your industry. These subsections of your brand dictate the best way to communicate to your target audience. You may decide that one arm to your business must be communicated differently to the others, and thus might benefit from an alternative visual identity or colour scheme. Knowing your business from the inside out always comes first.

Your visual identity.

Once we have established the key elements of your brand that need to be communicated and why, we can get to work on creating a visual identity that speaks to your target audience instantly. What feelings do you want to evoke when a potential customer comes into contact with your brand? What is it you want to stand for? This is as much about your core values as it is about your products and services, so when you’re thinking about how you want to look, always go back to what it is you are.

Together we will research every visual element that forms the completion of a well established brand. These are just some of them, all of which require attention as they will all say something about you:

  • Logo
  • Photography
  • Typography
  • Brand Colours
  • Layouts

Brand guidelines.

Your visual identity has been established. Every visual element of your brand structure has been agreed, confirmed and is being enjoyed throughout the organisation. Now is the time to set it in stone. Together we will publish your brand guidelines, the “brand book” your marketing teams, social media users and digital teams must live by. A strong visual identity creates lasting impact through consistency. A style guide for your organisation to stick to is a binding contract, a promise to your customers of a consistently high quality experience.

A brand book, or style guide may include the following:

Colour palette

Font styles

Logo size and positioning

Spacing of visuals

Presentation formats

Print layouts

Branding isn’t just about visuals.

Your branding extends far beyond the looks and feel of a website or logo. Together, we will establish a tone of voice that connects your customers to your brand values and establish a stronger connection to your products and services.

Your tone of voice is every bit as much a part of the overall brand experience. The language used as part of your marketing communications needs to be as consistent as the colour scheme. The balance between visuals and text on social media needs to be consistent, so a social media playbook will form part of your guidelines.

So what is your tone of voice? Formal? Informal? Facts and figures based? Narrative? Emotionally led? We will work with you to decide what tone of voice will resonate most with your customers.

What branding means to your customers.

Think about the brands referred to at the top of this page. How do you feel about their abilities in their field of expertise? A strong brand creates trust. A consistent, professional brand aesthetic shows reliability, a clear, focused message in a world cluttered with marketing messages. It helps to build lasting relationships quicker by demonstrating that you know who you are, you understand what it is you do better than anyone else and you know you have the answers your customers need.

Here are just some of the ways Socially Grown can spread that positive message through your branding:


Social Media



Trade stands

Print advertising

Radio ad creative


Book a brand consultation today, and get started on building a brand identity that works.