Unrivalled podcasting experience.

We have custom built professional audio production and editing facilities for the creation of your podcast and will dedicate our full resources to your programme, whether it is a one-off episode or a full series. Our team includes broadcast professionals, allowing a comfortable environment for podcast guests to tell great stories on behalf of your brand. We conduct extensive research into your content plan and source the best possible programme material, connect with interviewees and guest speakers anywhere in the world from our studio.

Through genuine conversations, human interest stories and industry interviews, you can represent your industry, your audience and your community in a real and genuine way that isn’t overwhelmed with sales messages and incentives. A podcast is an open invitation for people to get to know you personally. And it’s working.

Before you start your podcast.

Embarking on a new podcast series is exciting, full of potential and possibility and a little bit daunting. Before you make any announcements of your exciting new venture, think about the following:



Who are you talking to? What’s the key demographic? In the same way inbound marketing relies on a thorough understanding of your target market, so does your podcast.


Even with the most elaborate recording technology and techniques, a poor choice of location can ultimately spoil the quality of your podcast. Ensure your audio is being created in a suitable space, with minimal outside interference and unwanted sound reflections inside. A bad acoustic setup cannot be fixed in post-production. Getting your location right means getting your podcast right from the start.

Programme Schedule

What subjects will you cover? Brainstorm episode ideas; an exhaustive list of 50 episode ideas, discussion topics or themes will enable you to begin to plan a programme schedule you can realistically deliver, without the series losing its focus and impact later down the road.


Is your ideal podcast format formal and corporate, or informal? Will it sound better as a one-on-one conversation, a monologue or a roundtable discussion? Chat show style or documentary style? Listen to many podcasts in your field and determine the format that suits your business best.

Hardware and software

Whether you are producing your podcast yourself or entrusting production duties to a team of content creators, ensure your podcast has the best possible chance of performing among the top shows in your market. A modest recording set up is enough to get started, but you need recording and production skills in order to be competitive.

The Inbound Social.

Socially Grown uses podcasting to share marketing skills and advice, through conversations with influential people from the world of business. Listen to The Inbound Social to hear an example of how businesses can help each other to develop and grow through this interactive and highly social medium.

The Inbound Social is the practical, no-nonsense podcast, sharing the latest inbound and digital marketing advice to get you closer to your business goals. Together with marketing experts, we discuss the definition of attracting, engaging and delighting customers in today’s industry.

Let’s get started.

Talk to a member of the Socially Grown team today to discuss how we can align an engaging and entertaining podcast series with your business’ growth goals.

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