Anyone can launch a podcast with Socially Grown, bringing your message to your audience using an intimate, lifestyle led format. From local businesses to global corporations, Socially Grown has empowered businesses to make effective introductions to their audience through audio.


Hadley wanted to promote the release of their groundbreaking new market research project while at the same time, launching their marketing campaign into Dubai, an extremely competitive construction market.

Socially Grown conducted and produced a podcast interview, giving major decision-makers in the industry direct access to the new research and the voices that made it happen.


The Bythlon pedal system is award-winning cycling technology, launched just a year ago in the UK. The Bythlon team used podcasting to help launch their product in the UK, giving cyclists new and professional a chance to experience this exciting new brand on the go.

The Bythlon podcast is also an opportunity for athletes to share inspiring stories and experiences in competitive cycling.


Retrobook launched in the UK with a podcast interview, providing a gentle introduction to an exciting new service that connects social landlords with retrofit professionals.

Among these highlights, podcasting at Socially Grown has also given businesses around the world access to the following:

  • Alternative, convenient ways to consume blog and case study content
  • Social media content that stands out and gets noticed with audio
  • A key platform to share major announcements and product developments

How to start a podcast

This quick walkthrough will show the five stages of creating a business podcast, and how Socially Grown can help you along the way.

Find your audience

Who are you talking to? What’s the key demographic? In the same way inbound marketing relies on a thorough understanding of your target market, so does your podcast.

Plan your content

Let’s brainstorm episode ideas; an exhaustive list of discussion topics will enable us to begin to plan a programme schedule and agree upon a suitable presentation style.


We have access to professional, broadcast standard studio facilities for in-house productions and access to thousands of voice talent worldwide, to help find the right match for your brand. Music, sound effects and all other audio branding is also handled by us.


We can launch your podcast to all major podcast channels and platforms, including Apple, Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher and more.


We can help you to integrate your podcast output into your marketing strategy, to help boost awareness and grow your subscriber base.

Ready to get started?

Through genuine conversations, human interest stories and industry interviews, you can represent your industry, your audience and your community in a real and genuine way that isn’t overwhelmed with sales messages and incentives. A podcast is an open invitation for people to get to know you personally.

Talk to the Socially Grown team today to discuss launching your podcast.

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