The Current State of the Energy Crisis

The energy crisis in the UK continues to go hand-in-hand with the cost of living crisis, affecting millions of households. As of April 2024, 6 million households are now experiencing fuel poverty, a significant increase from 4.5 million in October 2021. Despite a slight reduction in the typical annual energy bill from £1,928 to £1,690, this remains 49% higher than pre-crisis levels. Additionally, many households are burdened by energy debt, further increasing their financial strain.

You customers are feeling this pinch, too. If you work in the energy or sustainability space, are you sure your messaging is being delivered in light of this? The cost-of-living crisis has only highlighted the urgent need for effective communication and support from energy brands.

Here are five ways your energy messaging needs to be handled to meet the current needs and struggles of your client base.

Five Ways Energy Brand Messaging Should Be Approached

Empathetic Communication: Recognise the struggles of your customers and address their pain points with genuine empathy. Acknowledge the challenges they face and assure them that you understand and are here to help.

Educational Content: Provide clear and actionable information about energy efficiency, savings, and support programmes. Educating consumers can empower them to make informed decisions and reduce their energy costs.

Transparency: Be transparent about energy sources and their financial and environmental impact. Customers appreciate honesty and are more likely to trust brands that are upfront with this information, especially now.

Tailored Solutions: Offer customised energy solutions that meet the specific needs of different customer segments, whether they are residential users, businesses, or vulnerable groups. Drill down even more; are they urban residents, or rural? Each community brings a fresh set of challenges.

Engaging Formats: Utilise a mix of communication formats, including events, videos, print media and interactive tools, to make the information accessible and engaging.

Here are three ways Socially Grown has recently tailored energy messaging across three very different brands.

Tomato Energy Animated Video Introduction

    For Tomato Energy, Socially Grown created an animated video to introduce their services, tailored for businesses aiming to manage energy costs and work towards Net Zero.

    The animated video simplifies complex energy concepts and services into digestible, engaging content. This approach was ideal for visually explaining dynamic energy purchasing models and carbon output management, systems that are totally unique to Tomato’s product offering.

    The video effectively communicates how Tomato Energy’s services, like the “Harvest for Business” tariff and the “Root to Zero” calculator, can help businesses reduce costs and manage their carbon footprint. It reassures customers that they can achieve both financial savings and sustainability goals.

    LEAP Video Series

      LEAP (Local Energy Advice Partnership) developed a video series featuring Lorraine Gumbs, Project Development Manager, discussing their free telephone advice service.

      The video series provides detailed, step-by-step guidance on accessing benefits and financial advice, making it straightforward for customers to understand the support available.

      This clear, personable approach ensures that vulnerable households can easily access and navigate support services. It addresses individual concerns, promoting energy efficiency measures like insulation and offering practical help with heating, damp, and mould issues.

      RES Workplace Energy Advice Programme

      RES (Residential Energy Services) has successfully launched a fully funded employee energy advice service in partnership with the Department of Energy Security & Net Zero and Midlands Net Zero Hub, aimed at enhancing sustainability and employee wellbeing.

      By integrating energy advice services within the workplace, RES makes it convenient for employees to access valuable information. This method also supports employers’ commitment to employee welfare and sustainability.

      The program offers flexibility, improved employee wellbeing, and cost savings on energy bills. Workshops and pop-up services provide practical advice on energy-saving measures and access to grants, helping employees manage energy costs and improve their living conditions.

      Delivering the right message to your customers is always required, but in an energy crisis, it’s crucial. We specialise in energy and sustainability, and we are here to help you craft effective, empathetic, and engaging communications to your customers.

      Book a call with us today so we can support your brand in delivering the right messaging, helping your customers navigate the energy crisis with confidence.