Email marketing is a process, rather than a one hit wonder  – especially if you want to stay on top of your game. But just like anything else in business, it can be difficult to achieve results if we don’t put our best foot forward and give it 100%. The truth about email communications should be front-and-centre: consistency breeds familiarity which builds trust; then users engage with your content more frequently because they know it is of value to them.

Two key areas that require consistency are content and send frequency. By sending your contacts the right content at the right time, you will not only make them feel valued, but also get them to trust you as an expert. If your contacts can find useful information in your emails time and time again it will positively impact both your engagement metrics and also your conversions.

There is one thing that is even more powerful than a well put together email campaign plan: a carefully crafted customer journey.

Email marketing and customer lifecycle flows go hand in hand. In fact, email sequences are often the most important way to move your potential customers from one stage of their decision making process all the way through to closing a sale. You can see significant uptake even just from answering some FAQs or providing additional information about an offer they are just considering but not yet committed to!

When you interact with your audience, you accumulate data about each contact. This information is crucial when mapping out personalised lifecycle journeys so the next time someone in your marketing team inevitably asks “and…what happens next?” all the answers will be there in data.

Research shows that automated emails get 86% higher open rates, produce a 196% increase in click-through rates, and generate 320% more revenue than standard promotional emails. (Source: Campaign Monitor)

Let’s break down a few reasons why it’s worth investing your time and resources in setting up automated flows:

  • Keeps you focused on your objectives

Every workflow is organised around one specific goal – think welcome series or a free demo followup – it gives you the opportunity to prepare content that is well-thought out and serves your purpose.

  • Saves you time

Yes, mapping out and setting up automated email programmes take time. But, in return, they keep running in the background even when you put your out of office on.

  • Keeps you (looking) organised

Automations ensure that when there is an action to take, your team will be on it! Did someone just subscribe to your mailing list? You’ll immediately pop up in their inbox. Not only that, you will follow up with relevant content in a timely manner. All of which are going to leave a good impression with your contacts, leading to higher engagement and a stronger brand reputation.

  • Allows you to take targeting to the next level

Flows allow you to be incredibly detailed with your segmentation and build paths based on certain actions – or lack thereof – taking subscriber experience to a whole other level.

  • They work in tandem with your regular emails

Personalisation and targeting in your lifecycle journeys will make the effectiveness of your business-as-usual campaigns even higher. They are a tool to warm up potential customers so when they receive emails that are less bespoke to their persona, it’s more likely that these messages will also hit the mark.

And the results you will gain…

  • Incremental sales, as leads are more likely to convert when they feel acknowledged from your messages being timely and relevant to their needs
  • Increased retention rates by building on your existing customers’ historical browsing and purchasing behaviour
  • Enhanced engagement as they allow more room for personalisation that implies a genuine interest in the customer

All in all, when you couple email blast campaigns with an automated customer journey, the magic happens. Having the two together is the key to reach your target market – no matter where each individual is on their own personal journey towards making a purchase.

At Socially Grown, our team of specialists work together to structure the perfect email campaign. From creative copywriting, engaging designs, structured automated workflows and detailed reporting, we build campaigns that convert and turn prospects into leads.

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