What questions need answering?

How do I keep communicating with clients and prospects?

How do I keep workflows running smoothly?

How can I stand out when I have to stay in?

How do I keep productivity levels high?

How do I keep staff morale at a healthy level?

As the global economy continues to change following the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners find themselves sharing a universal goal; to find a way to keep going.

Digital collaboration has been on the rise for many years, as technology catches up with the modern needs of business. File sharing, ideas generation and collaboration between continents is as simple as gathering around the same table. These were once a luxury; now they are a necessity to our survival as companies. 

Here are five tools that will enable your business to embrace digital collaboration, offering your customers, prospects and colleagues an outstanding level of service in uncertain times.


Do not think lockdowns or social distancing have spelled the end of face to face meetings. Quite the opposite is happening; businesses are embracing Zoom as a conferencing tool to keep collaboration fresh and exciting between teams, and it can do the same for your clients.

Zoom has emerged, almost overnight, as one of the most popular video conferencing tools available today. The next time you need to have a conversation with a client, instead of sending an email, invite them to grab a coffee and sit down for a face to face chat, wherever you are.


HubSpot has changed the way we think about doing business. HubSpot’s intelligent online platform has been the epitome of working smarter, not harder. And the benefits apply to everyone in your company; the sales professional trying to keep track of their client relationships during these uncertain times, or the marketeer who is trying to reach out to their new home-based audience effectively. 

HubSpot created the culture of inbound marketing, and the economy has never been more suited to it. Learn how to manage your leads, sales and marketing through HubSpot’s online platform and keep everyone in your business on track towards their goals. 


The value of a meaningful human interaction between sales professionals and prospects is far from lost. Vidyard specialise in online video hosting for business, and anyone can do it. 

Rather than email a prospective client with slides, attachments and statistics that get lost in the inbox, stand out with a personal greeting and a bespoke invitation to interact. Vidyard’s platform enables you to create a smart looking branded presence where your communication cuts through the noise and delights your prospective clients with relevant information. It can also be a great tool for business owners who want to personally address teams who may be feeling uncertain about the shape of the business at this time.


A surge in home working in recent months will undoubtedly raise concerns about productivity in the workplace, now that the workplace is spread out across large distances. Centralise your workflows and keep everyone in your business on track with the project management tool that is keeping teamwork alive.

Teamwork is seemingly made for the remote worker. Its intelligent and fully customisable project and task management tools keep you on top of everything that’s happening across your workforce. Keep productivity levels consistent and provide accountability, visibility and most importantly, a good result at the end of each day.


As the working landscape of 2020 dramatically changes, we must question whether the employee experience will ever return to what we previously described as “normal.” Digital collaboration is going to become part of the new “normal” working life, and it’s here to stay.

WhatsApp has emerged as the most popular secure messaging tool for friends and families and most likely lives on your phone right now. Consider creating a team WhatsApp group and personally address your team, even just occasionally. Your organisation’s ability to adapt and thrive through these turbulent times depends on your employee’s wellbeing. 

Digital collaboration tools are a great way of showing your clients you are ready for whatever may come. It also serves as a great reminder to your team, that we are all in this together. All five tools have helped Socially Grown to adapt, thrive and keep on growing. 

Talk to a member of the Socially Grown team about digital collaboration, including integrating sales and marketing with HubSpot and keeping connected to your clients through video with VidYard.