Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, building safety standards have been under increasing scrutiny. The new legislation meant up to 63,000 apartments nationwide were now owed sprinklers, where currently there were none.

As demand for fire sprinklers increased, so too did the necessity for construction and building safety professionals to increase their understanding of how sprinkler technology works and how to implement it to required standards.

Socially Grown identified an opportunity for BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems to be the voice the industry needed at this crucial time. To provide a central destination and key resources for fire sprinkler specification knowledge and support, leveraging their position as industry leaders to establish a stronger identity in the market as thought leaders.



Guided by BlazeMaster’s European business leader and global compliance managers, Socially Grown technically authored The Orange Book, the go-to source for specification information for CPVC fire protection systems, including a thorough introduction to the unique benefits of BlazeMaster CPVC, the most specified non-metallic material for fire protection in the world. In addition to our overview of the physical properties of BlazeMaster CPVC, we included comprehensive detail of all certifications, standards and regulations to which BlazeMaster CPVC complies.



The Orange Book was published on the official BlazeMaster website, available as a free download in PDF format, using a simple registration form. A limited print run was also made available for customers to purchase a hard copy. Leads gathered through the Orange Book registration page entered into an email marketing workflow to help foster and nurture new customer relationships.

To increase visibility and boost publicity around the launch of The Orange Book, we organised and hosted The Orange Book Live, a unique and interactive event gathering together fire protection industry leaders from installers, designers, key government campaigners and engineers, all in one place, for the first time. There, we discussed the changes to UK legislation and delivered advice to attendees from all areas of the construction industry as to how they can utilise The Orange Book to better prepare for the new dawn of fire safety and building standards.

In the months that followed the launch, Socially Grown got to work on increasing the value and reach of The Orange Book by repurposing its content into a number of additional useful resources for industry professionals. 

The BlazeMaster CPVC specification generator is a quick, convenient online interactive resource for architects and specifiers to start planning their next installation project quickly, efficiently and with direct reference to the latest regional and international building standards, which they can then incorporate throughout the supply chain. The specification generator is based on the latest codes of practice as referenced in The Orange Book and is therefore the perfect way to customise the book’s content on a project by project basis.

As BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems look to increase their market share and presence in the Middle East, Socially Grown adapted The Orange Book for a new global audience, introducing CPVC to an industry that is less familiar with this innovative material. By adapting The Orange Book, in recognition of globally recognised standards and codes of practice, Middle East-based professionals can now make the most of this resource and get started using CPVC as a viable, cost-effective and sustainable alternative to steel.

The Orange Book is a first-of-its-kind resource in the fire protection industry. Until now, there has not been a central repository of specification guidance to allow architects, contractors, installers and building safety engineers to quickly and conveniently refer to the technical fire safety standards required for their role.



The campaign received an extremely high rate of views to form submissions from the total budget spent on marketing the orange book paid leads were generated at under £4 each.

Just two Google campaigns produced over 5,000 clicks through to the Orange Book’s dedicated landing page.

Each LinkedIn campaign for the Orange Book was optimised and re-optimised to maximum effect, resulting in an extremely high click-through rate and cost per click of only 24 pence.

Our mailer campaigns consisted of webinar invitations, webinar on-demand content links and follow-up blogs discussing the Orange Book and its effect on the industry, all resulting in healthy open rates.


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