We needed to digitise a process for our client to make it more efficient and widen its reach. Our client was travelling up and down the country to deliver face to face accredited CPD workshops to small audiences of 6-10 professionals. Even before the wave of working from home, this was not an effective way to deliver the information. They needed this to be an on-demand service and by making it part of a content journey, we could reach out to a wider audience.


The pillar

At the heart you have a content pillar, the high value content asset that may be gated behind a lead generation form. The asset needs to be of high enough value that the visitor will exchange their personal information to receive it, but it also means you will need to have built trust beforehand.

The Pillar is typically a decision making piece of content, it is designed to seal the deal. It often is more detailed, provides specifications, like fit, finish and options. You can’t really bring people straight here unless they already know you and have an idea what the solution to the problem is.

We recorded the 50 minute CPD using Vidyard and built a flow for the CPD itself that automated the recording of participants. The video was placed behind a form, as much for recording attendance to submit to the accreditation body as for lead generation. Using HubSpot workflows, an automated email was sent to those that watched at least 98% to reward successful completion, and one to those that did not to urge them to complete the full on-demand video before registering their CPD points. All participants were automatically filtered to contact lists and assigned lead points for reporting.


Awareness & consideration

If the persona is facing their challenge for the first time or they have not heard of your brand, you need to generate Awareness and give them a solution for Consideration. This is where the content journey is critical. From the social post or email, you can draw in the persona using their own search terms, generated through SEO research. Bring them through blogs, vlogs, podcasts and infographics.

With the pillar in place, we created a series of podcasts with industry influencers, blogs that explained changes in legislation and social posts relating to working from home and on-demand CPD to maintain professional currency. An email campaign was introduced to the awarding bodies membership to ensure they were aware of the course.



In the first years of promoting the system, the CPD was fully completed by 95 participants with 37 partial completions, a great success compared to the infrequent and costly face to face delivery.

The email campaign had great success, with a 28.1% open rate and a 9.2% click rate.

We have recently updated the CPD for 2021, recording the on-demand video to include changes in the industry. We have created a bank of content to reflect this and draw new and previous participants to the pillar content.

The key takeaways…


Content should be written for the persona not about the client or product.

Content should have a flow, take people on a journey.

Content should be helpful and build trust.


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