Socially Grown were challenged with implementing a fresh new brand identity that unites the Protektor and Wemico brands, positions ProfileStore as a market-leading commodity and sets the stage internationally for the next five years of growth, under the new united banner of Protektor Group.

Socially Grown were also challenged with addressing the balance between highlighting the true growth drivers for the organisation, namely ETICS profiles, façade profiles and custom profiles, drylining and partitioning, as well as a refocus on sustainability. New government incentives such as the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund, Home Upgrade Grant, Local Area Delivery Scheme and ECO4 are examples of this and Protektor Group needed to be positioned as a serious participant in sustainable, forward-thinking manufacturing practices.



With the pandemic-driven switch to digital means of communication, specification and sales, Socially Grown developed and deployed an inbound/content marketing strategy for Protektor Group. 


The objective of the strategy was to: 

  • Digitally heighten awareness of the Protektor Group UK products and services across all segments of the market, all routes of sale and all categories.
  • Leverage the power of “One” and drive cross-selling potential between Protektor and Wemico.
  • Generate cross-market specifications, awareness and leads.


Protektor Group’s inbound strategy included the following elements:

  • Structured inbound content workflow detailing high-level content drivers and automation and implementation of customers’ workflows through to online sales
  • Estimated MQL calculations and recommended strategies to encourage audience growth and engagement
  • Focused and refined sales narrative to push consistent brand messaging throughout all marketing campaigns
  • Alignment of each product line against the most relevant marketing channels
  • Persona development to represent the 2022-2025 target audience
  • SEO, landing page and link building 
  • Optimisation strategy to identify the core themes and relevant keywords that connect us with the target audience in their own language
  • Social media strategy to align messages with Protektor Group’s product and service offering
  • Organically drive traffic to the website, build brand awareness, maintain a consistent tone of voice and develop an engaged community of followers
  • Paid media strategy to align brand messaging with online trends and consumer behaviour
  • Align sales and marketing efforts with smart goal-oriented workflows and reporting structures
  • Automation strategy to align content and make sales meetings more efficient
  • Nurturing strategy to convert a potential “on-the-fence” customer into a fully established client



Together we rebuilt Protektor Group’s brand architecture to establish a true representation of their products and services and how they relate to each other. Through assessing each product, service and their benefits and aligning them with their impact on the industry (particularly in the field of sustainability,) we established an all-encompassing visual identity that capitalises on established customer relationships and loyalty, but also develops a single vision for marketing and communications across the next five years and beyond. 


We developed a website structure that facilitates the entire customer journey for Protektor Group. This included optimised cataloguing of hundreds of products across dozens of intricate product lines. Web development included, but was not limited to a thorough reimagining of site navigation, search functionality, content management, web traffic management, speed optimisation and mobile functionality.


We took a multi-platform approach to Protektor Group’s refreshed brand launch. After establishing a visual identity befitting this newly merged brand, this visual representation was made consistent across all print and digital materials. Marketing collateral included:

  • eBook 
  • Brochure Re-skins
  • Slide decks
  • Letterheads
  • Invoice letterhead
  • Business Cards
  • Compliment Slips
  • Roll Up Banners
  • Adverts
  • Branded Mugs
  • HQ External and Internal Signage
  • Truck Livery

Social Media Lookbook

The new branding was incorporated into a social media lookbook strategy that was goal orientated with clear, measurable activities. The brand messaging formulated in the inbound strategy transitioned over to social media with key messages that are relevant to the target audience, in a manner that they would want to engage with. Curation and distribution of content were measured, analysed and reported at a granular level and re-targeted and refocused in real time where necessary.


Video marketing was employed to introduce the refreshed Protektor brand to key members of the audience, as well as key stakeholders. These videos were strong statement makers in establishing the new corporate vision for the next five years and setting expectations in the audience’s mind. They also enabled the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the manufacturing facilities and ProfileStore, to make a personal connection and highlight the key aspects of the business where customers can see real value for themselves.



When combined with traditional marketing strategies, Socially Grown’s in-house team of digital marketing experts was able to deliver swift, thorough, and highly targeted campaigns that exceeded clients’ expectations.

  • Inbound strategy
  • Branding 
  • Website build
  • SEO
  • Marketing collateral
  • Social media
  • Video marketing

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