Socially Grown were challenged with generating interest among potential candidates, driving traffic to The Retrofit Academy website, registering their interest and making the most of this new funded opportunity to upskill. Having pivoted from a fully funded initiative to a now part funded scheme, the challenge was to tailor the messaging and approach accordingly, to drive healthy levels of interest towards this new opportunity.

In partnership with sister company Residential Energy Services, Socially Grown used multimedia, telesales and in-person promotional techniques to ensure that the required volume was met on time and within budget.


As well as tried and tested telesales and account-based marketing techniques, organic and paid digital outreach took place on the following platforms:

  • Meta
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Search
  • Google Display Network

The Meta campaign was segmented between website traffic and direct traffic to the typeform associated with the campaign. After just 1 month in circulation, CTR was in line with the overall industry standard.

The Linkedin campaign performed well in relation to the target market and produced an above average engagement rate. Our average CTR for the BEIS campaign surpassed the industry average and showcased interest and active engagement within the market.

The Google search campaign produced an exceptional CTR at 18.35% which is far above the industry standard. The inclusion of BEIS & competitor based keywords shifted the market and allowed us to target and own a set of 53 selected keywords. The display campaign also performed well with a total contribution of 479 clicks.

When telemarketing and ABM methods of outreach were employed in tandem with the above there was a noted increase on days of additional activity. This substantiated the need for Direct and ABM tactics when running a high intensity, lead focused campaign.

Socially Grown and Residential Energy Services exceeded the target within just 50% of the campaign window and for only 60% of the overall budget.

Due to the unparalleled success, BEIS subsequently awarded The Retrofit Academy surplus funds, unused by other competition winners.

Prospects Engaged with: 22,000

Expressions of Interest Received: 2,100 (9.5%)

Subsidised Seats Filled: 1,250 (59% Conversion – Lead to seat)

Campaign Period: 10 Weeks

Campaign Cost: £28,400

Cost per Acquisition (CPA): £22.72

Forecasted cost per acquisition: £40.00

CPA saving: £17.28 (-56%)


Socially Grown’s in-house team of digital marketing specialists were able to provide quick, detailed and highly targeted campaigns which, when blended with traditional marketing techniques, exceeded client expectations and industry standard click-through rates.

Social media

Telesales campaign

Paid ads, PPC and paid social

Email marketing

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