Training the next generation

We are currently in the midst of a global pandemic with COVID-19 and professionals around the world have had to adapt to lockdown measures, social distancing and isolation. Many workers are resigned to home working measures and as a result, are consuming more digital media than ever before. 

Construction industry professionals rely on CPD resources to develop their skills and keep up to date with industry, product and service developments. Now is the time for your business to make the most of the CPD process; not only to upskill your teams and create awareness in your industry, but help train the next generation of construction professionals. 

Why CPDs?

Before the pandemic, consumers were already developing a major preference for on-demand media. Streaming platforms, podcasts and sites like YouTube are viewed by billions every day, and the training market is already making the most of this. 

Your audience now has time and energy to invest in learning a new skill, furthering their career, gaining a qualification or accreditation. This can all be done with on demand video content, created quickly and cheaply, by you.

On the tools

You don’t have to be a professional public speaker or TED talk aficionado to do this. Simple to use video communication tools such as Vidyard enable construction managers to talk to their audience as part of dynamic, branded presentations that look great.

All it takes is a little collaboration to determine what content you want to share, and Vidyard puts your right there amongst it. You become a personal guide to the viewer, creating a genuine human connection during times of isolation and a source of encouragement to learn and grow. 

Unlocking knowledge during lockdown

Construction professionals are making the most of lockdown measures to share learning and become a voice for the new changes facing our industry. 

BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems have responded quickly to the monumental government reforms to building safety, with the interactive power of CPD training. Due to the significant increase in demand for fire sprinkler systems in the UK, BlazeMaster are inviting construction professionals to learn more about sprinkler systems, dispelling popular misconceptions and helping to train the next generation of installers, in their new RIBA accredited video seminar

The Retrofit Academy are not only making online training available during lockdown, but they have built an entire training course around digital interactive learning. This way, they can teach the new generation of construction professionals about safe, sustainable domestic refurbishment without the lockdown slowing them down one bit. 

It’s your turn

Developing a CPD strategy during these challenging times will help to ensure your colleagues and collaborators emerge from COVID-19 as better professionals. But not only that. It sends a very clear and powerful message to your clients, prospects and stakeholders that despite the limited conditions we find ourselves in, you won’t allow it to stop progress from happening. Become part of the process that will determine what our industry looks like in the years to come.

To start developing your CPD strategy in minutes, talk to a member of the Socially Grown Team today.