Whether your social media marketing strategy consists of one Facebook post to your core followers per week, or a hyper-targeted, cross platform SEO charged multimedia production, you’re in the business of grabbing attention.

While different platforms offer different ways of engaging your audience, and are worth exploring individually, we have identified five universal key principles when it comes to getting your message across in a highly competitive environment. 

The next time you plan on posting to social media on behalf of your brand or business, answer yourself these five questions:


Can I get my point across in less words?

While Facebook and Instagram allow us to post small essays if we so desire, Twitter’s platform requires marketers to communicate their message in no more than 280 characters. Don’t think of this as a limit, rather an opportunity to practise strong, impactful writing. 

Working to a fixed character limit across all social media platforms is a great way to train yourself to work on attention grabbing headlines, thought provoking key messages and inspiring calls to action.

Use Facebook and Instagram to expand on your story if you like, but a strong, concise opening statement including a valuable statement and call to action greatly increases your audience’s dwell time on your content as they scroll through.

Example: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=290253412044681


Am I providing real value?

Every customer touch point is an opportunity to prove your value as a brand; that includes every social media post you create. 

Think of ways you can provide instant value to your customer on social media, and leave them better off for scrolling through your content:

  • What’s an interesting fact about your company nobody knows?
  • What recent economic statistics would your audience be interested to see?
  • How could you educate your audience about one element of your service?

A major factor in the inbound methodology is providing value at every stage in the buyer’s journey. Be the thought leader in your industry and demonstrate true passion, by sharing useful, educational content.


Does it make a visual impact?

If you want to increase dwell time even further in your social media marketing, take that punchy, short, valuable copy and present it in the best way possible. Think about your target personas, and ask yourself if they would likely use any of the following:

  • Graphics
  • Real life photography
  • Infographics
  • Emojis
  • Inspirational quotes

Use relevant, properly formatted and consistent aesthetics across your social media strategy and it will drive retention among your target audience.

Example: https://www.facebook.com/FlourCoBakehouse/photos/a.103701038078995/124339649348467/?type=3&theater


Can I include video?

The rise of video in online marketing can be felt across all social media platforms today. Facebook and Twitter continuously expand their video sharing capabilities. TikTok deals exclusively with short form video, and while their future is currently under much scrutiny, Instagram have recently launchd Reels, their own short form video equivalent. 

Video cannot be overlooked in any social media marketing strategy today. So before you publish your next post, could it be said in a video? 

When it comes to posting effective video content to social media, you’re not just limited to talking directly to camera:

  • Animated text
  • Location shots
  • Showroom videos with voiceover
  • Product demonstrations
  • Live streamed events and announcements

Example: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=267229204565983


Is this the right time to post?

While engaging copy, visuals, media and hashtags are all great ways to create more engagement, one of the easiest (and yet so often overlooked) ways to boost viewership is to target your content to specific times of day. 

Check your social media analytics to find out when your audience is logged in and scrolling through their news feeds. Is it 9pm at night when the day is done and it’s time to relax? Or is there a surge in activity at 8am before the journey to work begins?

Plan your content around these five key considerations and you’ll not only increase your  impressions, engagements and followers; you’ll have a great looking brand aesthetic that will serve you well in the long term too. 

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