Producing digital content for your brand should be an exciting and enjoyable part of your working week. After all, there’s so many ways you can extend the benefits of your brand to your audience:

  • Blogs
  • Vlogs
  • Webpages
  • Webinars
  • Infographics
  • Branded videos
  • Podcasts
  • Social Media
  • (and many, many more.)

Now that digital content can be produced and published so quickly, easily and cheaply these days, it’s often tempting to throw yourself into making as much content as possible, in an attempt to reach everyone, all of the time. But is that approach sustainable?

It’s true that digital marketing is great for the environment and virtually limitless, but it does consume energy; yours. Instead, concentrate on making sure the content you have is working as hard for your business as possible, by revisiting it regularly. You could be missing out on opportunities to expand the reach of your old content to thousands of new people.

Here are five sustainable ways to keep your content fresh, relevant and exciting.

Social media analytics

In your social media analytics, you have tools that enable you to see how your content has performed around the world. In some cases, you can even identify popularity by city. Drill down, and you’ll notice what times of the day your content’s engagement is peaking. 

Analytics are a crucial part of any successful marketing strategy. Find out what times of day your social media channel is performing well, and re-post some of your top performing content at those times. Target your content geographically (for example, using Facebook ads) to hit the areas where your content is resonating the most.

Keyword research

Has all of your great content been optimised for maximum search engine effectiveness? If not, then before you write a new blog, think of all your non-optimised pages as fresh content, ready for fresh eyes. 

Research important keywords your demographic are searching for, build up a bank of rich search terms that have a healthy amount of search volume and work them into your titles, copy, tags and image metadata. Keep an eye on trends going forward and you’ll always have a shot at reaching a fresh audience, as long as your core content is relevant.

Hashtag research

Hashtags still have an important role in getting seen on social media. Using a similar process to keyword research and SEO, you can easily discover what hashtags represent trending topics and attribute them to relevant content in your collection. Rotate your hashtags regularly on content that is still relevant to your audience, and you will boost your chances of being discovered time and time again.

Change the format

Has a certain piece of content not performed as well as you’d expected? Perhaps a fresh perspective is needed! Think about how different key messages in your marketing can be presented to your audience, before putting yourself under too much pressure to produce new content all the time. 

For example, have you recently filmed a webinar or CPD seminar for home workers? Perhaps you’re not getting too many takers since lockdown measures have been lifted. No problem; reformat some of the key lessons from your course into eye catching infographics and post them on social media.

Freshen up your image

Perhaps it’s not even a change in the way you deliver your content. Sometimes you just need to be creative with the way you tell your audience about it. 

Any marketer on YouTube will tell you that the titles and thumbnails of your video are as important as the video itself. Without an inviting image that stands out, the CTR (click through rate) suffers and less people feel inclined to watch any of your content in the first place.

Freshen up your calls to action with exciting, eye catching invitations to be educated, informed and entertained. 

Don’t waste energy every week forcing out content that isn’t resonating. Talk to Socially Grown for advice about optimising the content you have, to get it working harder for you.