We understand that marketing activity does slow down at times. But there’s no reason it should ever stop. Both independent startups and global corporations need to think about how they can incrementally build their brand a little bit more every day. 

It’s possible to grow your brand little by little, without spending a lot. Thankfully there’s lots of ways you can continue to build your brand credibility without breaking the bank.

Use your current customers

Your current client base is not only the most important part of your success in business; they’re a vital resource for personal, effective marketing. Build stronger relationships with your current customers and engage in conversations about the service they are receiving. 

Use testimonials to say more about your business than your own words ever could. Real, honest feedback will tell you a lot about the progress you’re really making, and it could be the message that cuts through to your next customer. 

If you have great clients, great relationships and a history of good business, ask for a referral. Increase your network using your closest and most trusted contacts.

Cross promotion

Increase your reach and position your brand strongly as a thought leader. Fly the flag for your brand in a guest blog post, in a contribution to an industry publication that your customers have got eyes on. Cross promotion is a great collaborative tool for networking, but it can also demonstrate to your future clients that your knowledge and insight isn’t just top notch; it’s relied upon.

Repurpose your content

Why struggle to create new content every day when you already have a wealth of content ideas sat on your computer? There are so many ways your assets and old content can be revamped, re optimised and repurposed for publication to your audience:

Old blog posts → Series of social graphics sharing useful tips

Staff training resources → Infographic of best practices in your industry

Photos of projects, products or premises → series of inspiring instagram visuals

Review all your old content, photos and videos and decide how a new way to present it could bring in a whole new surge of traffic.

Educate and Inspire

Throughout your career and especially in the development and growth of your business, you have learned skills and techniques that budding professionals and entrepreneurs would do anything to attain.

Use social media to teach useful skills, impart knowledge and wisdom and impress and inspire those who might come to you one day to help solve their problem. Bondgate IT does a great job with this approach, regularly sharing educational infographics on how to improve your online security at home.

Get your team involved!

Nothing leaves a more meaningful impression than a chance to get to know your business personally. Get your team involved in social activity! Proudly celebrate the diverse mix of skills, talents and personalities that make your brand the totally unique experience that it is. 

We regularly encourage our team of specialists to share their insights and collaborate on providing great marketing advice on our Socially Grown blog. 

Need some ideas for some quick, low budget marketing activity? Talk to a member of the Socially Grown team today.